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Top rated clock radios in 2016


Men and women across the world know full well the importance of having a reliable and prompt clock radio on their night stand. A good and reliable clock radio will help you to wake up in the morning and start the day with ease and still have sufficient time to get ready for school or word. It is important to find a useful and efficient clock radio, designed with attention and professionalism. Today, the market offers a large variety of products that can help you wake up in the morning without having to worry about setting it each night. If you want to find a radio/alarm of high quality and that looks great in your bedroom it is essential to read the current top rated clock radio reviews.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Alarm Type Price Tuner Display Our Rating Where to buy

Sony ICF-C318

Dual $$$$ Analogue 0.9″ LED A+ AMAZON

Sony ICF-C218

Single $$$ Analogue 0.9″ LED A AMAZON

Sony ICF-CD815

Dual $$$$$ Analogue 1.4″ LED B+ AMAZON

Timex T227

Single $$ Digital 0.9″ LED C AMAZON

Emerson CKS1702

Single $$ Digital 0.9″ LED B AMAZON


Our Top Choices



Sony ICF-C318 Automatic


Best clock radioMost of the current top rated clock radio reviews underline the efficiency and reliability of the Sony ICF-C318 model in providing advanced features to the user every time it is turned on. Coming with a superb 0.9” green LED display that lets you see the time and better control the alarm clock without encountering any problems at all. Furthermore, the clock has an efficient additional snooze bar and a built-in calendar which keeps you in tone with the period of the day and month.


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Sony ICF-C218


top rated clock radio reviewsOne word can define all the characteristics and particularities of the Sony ICF-C218 clock radio: professionalism. With a modern and stylish design, the Sony ICF-C218 was designed with attention in order to respond to the individual’s unique waking patterns. This clock radio has automatic time set and also features the daylight saving time automatic feature that frees you from having to set it. Furthermore, the Sony ICF-C218 has a solid battery backup that maintains the correct time and a 0.9-inch green LED display easy to read and control, making the model right to receive positive feedback from the current top rated clock radio reviews.


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Sony ICF-CD815 AM/FM Stereo CD


Considered by thousands of satisfied users among the best clock radios in 2016, the Sony ICF-CD815 clock brings a touch of modernity and elegance in your bedroom, blending in with ease wherever you put it. This clock radio has a CD player with CD-R/RW playback and also an analog AM/FN tuner which lets you play whatever you want. Furthermore, the Sony ICF-CD815 can be controlled with the large and user friendly 1.4” green LED always visible irrespective of the background conditions. The ICF-CD815 can wake you up with the dual alarm and additional snooze options.


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Timex T227


As one of the best clock radios in 2016, the Timex T227 clock delivers efficiency and precision every time you turn it on in the comforts of your bedroom. With a sleek and modern aspect, the Timex T227 clock radio has a large 0.9” green LED time display with a solid dimmer control that won’t fade as time goes by. Furthermore, the model comes equipped with an AM/FM radio with built in AM antenna and also external FM wire antenna that allows you to hear any post from the radio you might like. The Timex T227 wakes you up with the help of the radio or the delicate but powerful wake gradual buzzer alarm.


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Emerson CKS1702 SmartSet


It comes as no surprise to see the present top rated clock radio reviews offer high marks and ratings to the Emerson CKS1702 SmartSet alarm clock radio, a product known for its efficiency and compact design. The Emerson alarm clock includes the SmartSet single alarm an AM/FM radio with battery backup and also an automatically adjustable option for Daylight savings time and also Leap year that ensures you wake up in the morning with ease. This model has a easy to read 0.9-inch green LED display which lets you see with ease the time and other features of the clock.


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