Owning a cookie press can provide precious family bonding moments to any modern American home. During these times when sitting down to a culinary treat with the family is virtually a rarity, we decided to help homemakers get the best cookie press on the market that provides superior functionality and years of service. We did our own research by consulting expert culinary product reviews and taking them against actual user feedback to ensure reliability of the information. We have also gone over as many social media activity indicators as ;possible, including sales figures and posts about the most popular products to verify the objectivity of any reviews. Luckily, this has helped us gather more than enough data to conclude that nothing quite beats the Norpro 3301 when it comes to efficient and professional functionality. Used with confidence by more people, this cookie and biscuit press promises high performance during every use. The solid manufacture of this model provides the needed durability that enables many years of service without being bothered by issues on craftsmanship and consistency of results. This is truly an awesome product that deserves high ratings everywhere.
If you would like to own an affordable version of the bestselling cookie press mentioned above, there’s always the best OXO cookie press that is just as good. The OXO Good Grips delivers virtually the same performance and results while being exceptionally friendly to the pocket.



Comparison Table


Product Disks Price Material Recipes booklet Our Rating Where to buy

Norpro 3301

20 $$$$$ Stainless steel + plastic Included A+ AMAZON

OXO Good Grips

12 $$$ Plastic Included A AMAZON

Kuhn Rikon Clear

14 $$ Stainless steel + plastic Included B+ AMAZON

Marcato 8307 Deluxe

20 $$$$ Stainless steel Included B AMAZON

Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II

16 $$ Plastic Included C+ AMAZON



Buying Guide


The best cookie press on the market will give you professional results at home. These handheld devices are designed to be easy and convenient to use, and many can do more than simply press out uniformly shaped cookies. Some of the best cookie presses for sale can also be used to ice assorted baked goods, and you can even use it to expertly fill crème puffs and deviled eggs. If you are looking for the best professional cookie press and don’t know where to start, the helpful tips in the following buying guide can help you make a smart purchasing decision.

1. Norpro 3301 Deluxe Cookie-Biscuit Press


One of the first aspects to consider is whether you want a manual or an electric cookie press. Both come with advantages and disadvantages, and the right one for you is often a matter of personal preference. How often you plan on using the press, along with the number of cookies you are planning on making should also be factored into your decision.

Manual cookie presses are generally priced lower, and there are more models to choose from. Along with having a larger selection, manual presses can work with heavier dough so you have more choices when you are trying to decide what kind of cookies to make. Hand operated presses also have the advantage of being easily portable since your movements are not restricted by the length of the power cord. You also don’t have to spend time trying to find a convenient electrical outlet with a manual cookie press.

Electric cookie presses are a great choice if you often bake larger batches of cookies or need to quickly frost cupcakes and other sweet treats. While these models are usually priced slightly higher, it can be worth the added expense when you consider the amount of time you can save over manual presses. If you do choose an electric press you do want to make sure that it comes with a handy guide explaining how to use it so you can get started making uniformly shaped cookies without any problems.



The design of the cookie press is important whether you use the device occasionally or on a regular basis. The size of a cookie press will vary according to make and model so it is important to choose one that fits your needs. Models with larger shafts are ideal for pressing several batches at a time since you don’t need to stop and refill the dough as often, while smaller ones might be the best choice for children to use. When you are considering the design and size of the cookie press you want to choose one with a shaft that fits comfortably in your hand, and it should be attached securely to the handle to avoid any mess.

You also want the cookie press to be designed to be easy and convenient to use. Electric models are the easiest to operate since the device does all of the work for you, and it is often recommended for anyone with problems in their hands. Manual models that are designed with a rotating handle or crank generally require very little effort to press the dough out, while ones that come with a plunger can be difficult to use especially with thicker batter.

2.OXO Good Grips Cookie Press



Some features to consider that can make a cookie press even more useful in the kitchen include plenty of discs and tips for decorating and creating unique treats. Almost all models come with one or two discs, but if you plan on baking variety of cookies you might want to consider adding some extra ones. Along with different shapes and designs, you can even find discs designed to turn out professional looking holiday cookies. Some tips make it easy to ice and decorate cakes and cookies, along with filling crème puffs and deviled eggs quickly and easily.

Other features to consider include parts that are dishwasher safe so cleanup is quick and easy when you are finished. Included instructional manuals are always appreciated, along with delicious recipes and manual that comes with cookie press tips and tricks to help you get started.



Top rated cookie presses in 2019


If you love baking and decorating a cookie press might be just what you need in your kitchen. Whether you choose a manual or an electric model, a cookie press can help you turn out professional looking treats for your friends and family. To help narrow down your choices you will find the best cookie presses showcased in the reviews down below.


Our recommendations


Norpro 3301


1. Norpro 3301It can be pretty difficult to find a professional and efficient cookie press given the high number of models available on the market today. Still once you manage to read some of the current top rated cookie press reviews you will understand why more and more people use with confidence Norpro 3301 cookie and also biscuit press, a model with the capacity to deliver high performance every time it is used. With a sturdy and solid structure Norpro 3301 cookie press represents a way to prepare delicious sweets without any problems of any kind.


Buy from Amazon for ($39.92)




OXO Good Grips


Home made cookies are everyone`s favorite dessert coming in various shapes and sizes. One of the top rated cookie presses in 2019 is the OXO Good Grips for making those delicious treats. The base is non-slip so the press is steady while you are using it. The clear cylinder lets you know how much dough is left in the machine. It is very easy to disassemble and then clean. The large lever is very comfortable and has a good grip. Very good features for a top quality cookie press so you can make all the desserts you like.


Buy from Amazon for ($29.99)




Kuhn Rikon Clear


3. Kuhn Rikon Clear Cookie PressThe majority of the current top rated cookie press reviews coming from professional chefs and a growing number of users, emphasize on the functionality and efficiency of Kuhn Rikon Clear cookie press, a product capable of delivering high performance every time it is used. This cookie press from Kuhn Rikon extrudes cookie dough through 14 unique steel disks which enhance the forms of cookies you will be able to prepare. You should know that the tube can hold dough for around 30 cookies which more than enough for a family and additional friends.


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Marcato 8307 Deluxe


4. Marcato 8307Considered by thousands of satisfied users as the best cookie press in 2019 regarding functionality and efficiency, Marcato 8307 deluxe biscuit maker prepares delicious cookies worthy of sharing with friends and family members. Marcato biscuit and cookie maker has an all metal construction, a precise ratchet drive mechanism and also a solid machined steel piston rod. Furthermore this cookie maker has a ridged steel pusher lever, a high quality cookie thickness adjustment and also a super strong dough piston.


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Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II


5. Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra IIConsidered by thousands of satisfied users and cooks as the best cookie press in 2019, regarding quality and efficiency, Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II model can allow the user to prepare with ease delicious sweets. Using this cookie press represents the quickest way to uniformly bake butter cookies, worthy of eating with friends and even family members. During the holidays you will be able to prepare quality cookies, ideal for children and other sweet tooth adults. With an ergonomic, soft-grip trigger, Wilton cookie allows you to cake great cookies in special formats.


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CucinaPro 300


6. Cucina Pro 300Made out of polished aluminum, CucinaPro 300 manual cookie press received high marks and positive feedback from the latest top rated cookie press reviews drafted with attention by thousands of users and also cooks. CucinaPro 300 cookie press includes twenty discs and also four icing nozzles that allow the user to fully expand the culinary experience. This is the reason more and more people are using with confidence the CucinaPro 300 manual cookie press in order to prepare delicious cookies, in special and delicate forms.


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