Best Digital Piano Reviews

Best Digital Piano Reviews


Top rated digital pianos in 2015


Today, more and more people love to play at pianos and engulf themselves in beautiful sounds from different songs. Piano teachers, young students or plain people with this passion are searching for good quality digital pianos; with the capacity provide clear sounds. It is important to gather reliable information on the basic functionality of the piano, notes, tonality and sound pattern in order to choose the right one, suited your own creative expression. Feeding this passion, the path towards creative freedom needs to be done while using a professional piano. To this extent it is vital to read top rated digital piano reviews that can help you choose the right one for your capabilities.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product No. of Keys Price Bench Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Yamaha YDPV240

88-key $$$$ Included 147 lbs A+ AMAZON

Casio AP420

88-key $$$$ Included 141 lbs A AMAZON

Yamaha DGX640W

88-key $$ No 47 lbs A AMAZON

Casio PX830

88-key $$$ No 80 lbs B+ AMAZON

Williams Overture

88-key $$ No 150 lbs B+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Yamaha YDPV240 Digital Piano with bench


top rated digital piano reviewsEvery person with connection to the music world knows the Yamaha brand and its high quality products. To this extent the Yamaha YDPV240 digital piano makes no exception, combining high quality and effectiveness. The model has dynamic 64-note polyphony, 131 voices and 361 XGlite voices, 160 styles and also 30 pre-set songs that represent a solid start in the musical arena. Furthermore due to the 6-track recorder and 88-key graded Hammer Standard keyboard the user can tap into its inner creativity pattern and enjoy the clear sounds of the piano.

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Casio AP420 Celviano digital piano with bench


Best Digital Piano 2015In the present, the Celviano line of pianos from Casio is designed with professionalism and attention to the tiniest details in order to create the premise for a complete piano experience. Due to the presence of the “Ivory Touch” keyboard with 88 keys and Try-Sensor keys, the user can feel every note and detail coming from the sounds. The recently designed 4 layer stereo grand piano sound of the AP420 model delivers a natural and also dynamic experience for the user. The built-in SD card slot allows you to record, load and save songs and play with more confidence that nothing will be lost. Casio AP420 Celviano is not for nothing considered the best digital piano in 2015.

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Yamaha DGX640W digital piano


Most of the top rated digital piano reviews regarding efficiency and professionalism show that Yamaha DGX640W model is one of the best, currently available to all music lovers. This model is portable, has weighted graded hammer actions, a touch of real feel imprinted in its design and functionality provides clean sounds, brought to life by a simple push of a button. Furthermore Yamaha DGX6440W delivers HQ sounds capable of delivering beautiful voices, in an incredible natural pattern. With the 237 type of digital signal processor that can be added to the primary and additional voice, this Yamaha model helps the user expand his musical creativity.

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Casio PX830 Privia Digital piano


Considered by specialists and technicians as the best digital piano in 2015, the Casio PX830 model, known for its musical precision, sound clarity and solid structure, helps the user free his musical aspirations and projects. The basic design and additional features, the PX830 model allows the user to enjoy a pure piano playing experience. Combing the pleasure at touch of the refined matt keys and the luxurious 128-tone AiF sound source, the Casio PX830 is a reliable musical instrument that delivers high quality sounds without any discrepancies or problems within any context.

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Yamaha DGX640C digital piano


The DGX640C digital piano is one of the most popular models among musicians, known for its clear and subtle tones. At the bush of a button, the user starts a delightful musical journey recording its performance, due to the presence of the built-in recorder. Embodying the Sweet! and Cool! Voices, the pitch bend wheel this model delivers astonishing sounds in high quality. With the Hammer Standard keyboard and the matte finish black keys, the user has the notion of playing at a real piano, thus setting the mood for a complete musical experience.