Best dog food reviews

Best dog food reviews


Top rated dog food in 2014


Diane Clark, our expert in Pet related products, wrote this full review article on dog food. By reading it you will be able to find what she considers the best alternatives when it comes to food for your favourite dog. If you have any questions regarding the articles from our website, don’t hesitate to contact us.



How to choose the best food for your dog – A buying guide


dgfoodHaving a dog as a pet is a real treat and it brings joy to you and also to your family members. But this also sets you up with a lot of responsibility because you need to take proper care of it. This means the diet is absolutely vital to him, getting him the energy necessary to be active and happy all the time, putting a smile on your face every time as well.

Firstly you should know that there are 3 types of dog food, the dry dog food, the wet dog food and the raw dog food. The dry dog food is the least expensive and is generally for all types of dogs, with very few exceptions. This is the most common food and it comes in many different flavors, but with it you have to be very careful with the ingredients that go into its creation, the vitamin level and last but not least the percentage of natural ingredients that make it up. The wet dog food on the other hand is a bit more expensive, but you will notice immediately that your dog will finish the bowl you give it much faster than with normal dry food.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Wet/Dry  Price Size Recipe Customer Rating Where to buy

Taste of the Wild Dog Food

Dry $$$$ 30 lbs bag Roasted Bison & Venison A++ AMAZON

Wellness CORE Original

Dry $$$$ 26 lbs bag Chicken & Turkey A+ AMAZON

Natural Balance Dog Food

Dry $$$$ 28 lbs bag Fish & Sweet Potato A AMAZON

Wellness Super5Mix

Dry $$$ 12 lbs bag Turkey & Outmeal A AMAZON

Newman’s Own Organics

Dey $$ 12.5 lbs bag Chicken A AMAZON

A trick is to combine dry with wet food and the result will be equally pleasing to your dog. Now finally the raw dog food is special, because not all types of dogs can eat it, because they can’t digest it properly. So be very careful and read about what types of raw food your dog can eat.

In the present there are millions of families around the world that have dogs which are regarded as important members. It is important to know that dogs require special types of food, suited to their growing needs. Happy and healthy dogs rely on the owner’s ability to find delicious and good food. There are many types of food for dogs that you need to take into account. Starting from dry dog food, canned, dehydrated, organic and natural dog food, people have a large array of possibilities for their dogs. Information is essential towards finding good quality food and to this extent it is vital to read the current top rated dog food reviews on the best products available.

Keeping this in mind you will find the best menu for your dog which will give him a high level of energy and make him live a long and healthy life. Consider reviews a good source of information before you purchase a certain brand of food, no matter the type you get dry, wet or raw.


Our Top Choices


Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food


Taste of the Wild Dry Dog FoodIf you want a dog food that will surely please your dog while keeping him healthy at the same time, I highly recommend Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food. Like most pet owners on best dog food reviews, I found this brand as a perfect and permanent food for my dog. I have tried other products for my dog before, this is the only one that marked an impact on him. I noticed that he his strength and appetite in eating was greatly improved with this. Some of the irresistible ingredients included here are chicken meal, potatoes, bison, venison, lamb meal, egg product, canola oil and roasted bison.

“Well I definitely hit the jackpot with this dry dog food from Taste of the Wild because my dog can’t get enough of it. He seemed to be picky with other types of food, but not with this one, he leaves nothing in the bowl after he gets a taste of it.” – John Buckley

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Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog


Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry DogThis dog food is 100% grain-free. But that doesn’t mean that protein, calcium and phosphorus is sacrificed, which are very important nutrients for your dog. It contains just the right amount of meat quality with higher ash levels compared to other dog foods. This is a very important factor why I have chosen Wellness CORE Original Formula Dry Dog over the others. The product is also comprised of high-quality proteins and the complete nutrients your pet needs, without any grains or fillers. Some of the ingredients that contribute to these nutrients include kale, broccoli, spinach & parsley. If you want a guaranteed optimal health for your pet, this is the right choice.

“I read the formula to this dog food because I wanted to pick out a special ingredient or something, because now that my dog eats it regularly he seems to have so much energy. I didn’t pick out the special ingredient but I think it is more about the mix.” – Rick Quinn

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Wellness Super5Mix Adult Small Breed Dog Food


 top rated dog food reviewsHaving a small canine companion is always a treat, but this means responsibility so the dog`s needs are fulfilled with seriousness. The Wellness Super5mix is one of the top rated dog foods which can ensure that your dog has a well balanced diet with the right vitamin and protein quantity. This high proteins source looks after your dog`s muscles so they are lean and strong. The Omega 3 and 6 mix ensures that the skin is healthy and the coat is nice and thick. Your dog will be happy, full of energy and ready to play after eating this mix.

“My little fuzz ball loves the Wellness Super5Mix dry food which I feed him every single day. I love my dog so much so I read a lot of dog food reviews and they all recommended I get this food because it has a vitamin mix which prevents skin and stomach problems.” – Vanessa Green

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Newman’s Own Organics Adult Dog Food


Best dog food 2014Even thou it can be difficult to identify the best dog food taking into account the high number of products available on the market it is easy to see why more and more people are buying Newman’s own organics adult dog food. Healthy, tasty and appreciated by dogs, Newman’s organics food is used by a growing number of owners to feed their pets. Containing chicken, organic barley, organic oats, organic peas, chicken meal, organic sorghum, organic soybean meal, chicken fat, organic brown rice, organic millet, organic rice, organic flax seed and many other ingredients, Newman’s own organics adult dog food formula is considered one of the best dog food in 2014.

“For me organics food is the way to go if you want to buy quality food for your dog and this is exactly what I did for my dog, getting him the Newman’s adult dog food formula. Seeing him happy and energetic strengthens my belief that I made the right choice.” – Nick Jameson

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Castor & Pollux organix adult canine formula


Today, more and more families use Castor & Pollux organix adult canine formula to feed their dogs with confidence. The formula of the organix organic canned formula for dogs designed by Castor & Pollux helps the pet receive the most important package of vitamins, minerals and nutrients so that they are full of energy and healthy. The formula of this dog food is 95% certified organic with carefully selected ingredients which revolve on the pet’s inner system. This is the reason why it comes as no surprise to see top rated dog food reviews speaking so highly of the Castor & Pollux formula.

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Natural Balance organic formula dry dog food


Sometimes dogs can be very picky with their food and for this reason it is essential to find the proper type with the capacity to please them. One of the best dog foods currently available on the market is, according to the latest statistics, Natural Balance organic formula. The Natural Balance formula contains ingredients that are grown without any type of genetic engineering and which are never sprayed with pesticides. Natural Balance uses only free-roaming, humanely treated chicken that don’t have antibiotics or some kind of hormones. This is the reason why Natural Balance organic formula is considered one of the best dog food in 2014.

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Natural Balance dog food, lamb formula


The current top rated dog food reviews underline the uniqueness residing in the Natural Balance dog food. This type of dog food contains only highly acclaimed ingredients: USDA inspected meats as an excellent source of strong protein and also kelp meal which represents a natural mix of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that keep the dog health and full of energy. This high quality Natural Balance dog food is pleasant to any pet and a source of health delivered on a daily basis.


Hill’s Science diet mature adult large breed dry dog food


Seen by thousands of families around the world, as the best dog food in 2014, Hill’s Science diet mature adult large breed dry dog food is the first option for pets around the world. Offering a precise balance with key and essential nutrients that can restore energy pools of any dog, Hill’s dog food keeps your dog health and full of energy during the full length of the day. Combining glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate for increased joint and mobility support and also carnitine for lean muscle and the proper body weight, Hill’s science is exactly what your dog needs every day.