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Top rated electric fans in 2016


Fans are the right key when it comes to uniform circulation of the air. Too hot, too cold, too dry…it doesn’t matter what bothers you because technology will give you a helping hand anyway. Whatever it is, summer or winter, it will be always there for you. The table or wall fan gives a cool breeze so your body keeps an appropriate temperature in the hot summer days. In addition, you can take fully advantage of the warmth of a stove. Also, if your car engine is prone to overheating a fan can resolve quickly fix the problem.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type Price Fan size Color Our Rating Where to buy

Dyson AM01

Table $$$$ No fans Blue A+ AMAZON

Air King 9020

Wall mount $$$ 20 inches Black A AMAZON

Flex-a-lite 398

Automotive $$ 16 inches Black B AMAZON

NewAir AF-310

Tower $$$ No fans Black/Silver C AMAZON



Dyson AM01


Best Electric Fan reviewsThis fan is often mentioned in the best electric fan reviews as a useful tool that helps you make it through the hot summers. Engineers came out with the idea of hiding the fans blades in the base of the unit. And the result? A noticeably different machine that is not only safe for children but also easy to clean. What puts this item apart from the others is the speed options you can select from the dial dimmer according to how much air flow is needed. It is very quiet and has an unique design.

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Air King 9020


Consulting the best electric fans reviews will erase any trace of doubt when it comes to this model. Don’t let yourself fooled by the small size, this fan proved its worth by cooling large spaces! The powder coated metal blade, the grille made of steel guarantee for its sturdiness and solidness. This fan can be mounted on to a ceiling or wall so will cost you no extra space. It is suitable for your house but also office, garage, patio, barn, gym and restaurant. Has 3 different speeds and makes minimal noise.

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Flex-a-lite 398 Syclone S-Blade


If you want to keep your car safe and cool, in the true sense of the word, this fan is all you need. It is praised in the top electric fans reviews in 2016 for managing to keep the engine cool, allowing you to give more extra horse power in order to enjoy the ride. It can be quickly installed, flows 2,500 cubic feet per minute and comes with a warranty of 1 year. In addition this fan, compared with other, is fully balanced and makes less noise.

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NewAir AF-310


Manufacturers have raised the bar in the competition of the best electric fans in 2016 conceiving this item. It gathers the properties of a fan, humidifier and air purifier, in short, everything you need in a hot weather. It easily outruns the other electric machines due to the evaporative cooling system, lightening your choice. There is a compartment that must be refilled with previously cooled water or ice. As a result, you will be rewarded with enough cool and moist air for your room.

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Caframo Limited 812AM-BBX


This terrific invention became shortly a real star among the best products out there. Its purpose is to balance the circulation of the warm air produced by your stove. If you are tired of having different temperatures in the same room here is the solution! It is not dependent of electricity either batteries because it gets the proper energy from heat. Consequently, the speed is automatically adjusted according to the stoves temperature. The decibels are too few so you will not be disturbed while it works.