Best framing nailer reviews

Best framing nailer reviews


Top rated framing nailers in 2015


Various construction projects require professional instruments that provide significant assistance to the user. To this extent it is important to be prepared for any task this also involving framing nails in various places and without experiencing any problems. Efficient framing nailers are specifically designed for heavy duty work that can involve 3 ¼ inch nails in framing a house, room, building something or just renovating something. Information is essential towards finding the best framing nailer currently available on the market. To this extent it is recommended that you read the present top rated framing nailer reviews that can provide additional insight in the product’s functionality.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Head Type Price Nails Power Source Customer Rating Where to buy

Porter-Cable FR350A

Round Head $$$ 2-3.5 inch Air Powered A+ AMAZON

Stanley Bostitch F28WW

Clipped Head $$$ 2-3.5 inch Cordless Electric A AMAZON

Hitachi NR90AE

Full Head $$ 3.5 inch Air Powered B AMAZON

Freeman PFR2190

Full Head $$ 2-3.5 inch Air Powered A AMAZON

Hitachi NR83A2

Round Head $$$$ 2-3.25 inch Corded Electric B+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Porter-Cable FR350A Round Head 2-inch to 3-1/2-inch framing nailer


Best framing nailers 2015As one of the best framing nailers 2015, Porter-Cable FR350A framing nailer is ideal for carpenters or woodworker used to work with professional and reliable instrument. With the solid 3-1/2-inch round-head nailer kit, compact structure, Porter-Cable FR350A model allows you to adjust, build and create without worrying about any type of problems. The particularities of this framing nailer permits you to work faster and thus important time that can be allocated to other activities. The model has in-line and ready to go by up to 64-nails for use.

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Stanley Bostitch F28WW clipped head 2-inch to 3-1/2-inch framing nailer


Stanley Bostitch F28WW framing nailer can help you frame, deck, attach wood to masonry, renovate rooms or simply build something that requires nailing. With a modern and lightweight design, this clipped-head nail gun comes equipped with a pro efficient pushbutton customizable guide that places the nail fast without any hustle at all. Furthermore the Stanley Bostitch has embedded the Smart trigger system that ensures the maximum control over the device thus working faster and without dealing with problems. This is the reason why more and more specialists and technicians place this device among the best framing nailers 2015.

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Hitachi NR90AE (S) 3-1/2-inch full-head framing strip nailer


Hitachi represents one of the best manufacturers of construction instruments which can be used with confidence by anyone to various projects. To this extent the NR90AE (S) full-head framing strip nailer makes no exception, offering through its light 3-1/2-inch round head and 7.5 pounds design a veritable tool, bent on delivering only positive results. Furthermore the power-weight of this model allows you to frame nails even in the toughest materials from floors, windows, and subflooring, roof or wall designs. This is the best why thousands of satisfied people place the Hitachi NR90AE among the best framing nailers 2015.

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Hitachi NR83A2 Round head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch framing nailer


top rated framing nailer reviewsAccording to recent data, it seems that the majority of the present top rated framing nailer reviews give high marks to the Hitachi NR83A2 model. This high quality device has a reliable round-head 2-inch to 3-1/4-inch that permits a single or contact actuation without worrying about complications. Furthermore Hitachi NR83A2 is customizable due to the open-nose design, comfortable rubber grip and ANSI compliant which maintains greater control and implicitly better results. Performance and comfort will be present whenever you start working with the framing nailer at various tasks or projects.

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Stanley Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact Nailer


Most of the current top rated framing nailer reviews underline the efficiency and solid functionality of the Stanley Bostitch PN50 Mini Impact model, known for its modern design and solid structure. This mini impact nailer has a rubber grip designed to insulate and diminish the experienced vibrations. Furthermore weighing in just 1 lb. and equipped with an efficient 360o swivel air fitting you will be able to control better the Stanley Bostitch without dealing with unwanted surprises. The Stanley nailer is ideal for any type of projects, delivering good results irrespective of the material that needs to be nailed.

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