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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best French door refrigerator money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered information from expert reviews, consumer feedback, social media sites, and compared brand quality, value and prices in an effort to find the best French door refrigerator on the market that is not only efficient, but also looks great with the other appliances in your kitchen. After comparing several models we noticed that the GE PFE28RSHSS stood out from the others for several reasons that include its sleek, modern design, 5 shelves that provide you with plenty of storage space, and the bright LCD screen that makes it easy to scroll through the menu and select the appropriate settings. While we think this is the best stainless steel refrigerator due to its sturdy construction and convenient features we also realize that this model might not fit everyone’s budget or be available when you need it. An appliance that comes in a close second is the Liebherr CBS2062 and it comes with a digital display for easy control, glass shelves for storage and clear drawers that are designed to keep perishable items fresh for longer periods of time. While this might not be the top rated product its energy efficient design and affordable price does make it the best Liebherr refrigerator.



Comparison Table


ProductCapacityPriceIncluded componentsDimensionsOur RatingGet more info


30.3 cu. ft.$$External Ice/Water Dispenser35.7 x 45 x 70 inchAFull review

LG Liebherr CBS2062

18.8 cu. ft.$$$$$Ice Maker35 x 24 x 80 inchBFull review


31.0 cu. ft.$$$$Ice Master Maker, FlexZone Drawer37.9 x 35.8 x 70 inchB+Full review

KitchenAid II KFXS25RYMS

25 cu. ft.$$$Water Dispenser32.9 x 35.6 x 68.6 inchC+AMAZON

Frigidaire Gallery FPHB2899PF

27.7 cu. ft.$$External Ice/Water DispenserN/ACAMAZON



Buying Guide


Every kitchen must have a reliable refrigerator which can store different fruit, vegetables, meat, drinks and the list can go on and on. But if you truly want to get a high tech refrigerator, then you need to get your hands on a French door one. This type of refrigerator has the most complete package when it comes to different features.

best french door fridge reviews


However, keep in mind that not all the models are equally good and if you are not careful with what you invest in, there is a chance you might end up with the wrong model that will create a lot of problems. A French door refrigerator is a two door appliance which is much larger in size than your ordinary fridge and has a large freezer shelf as well. A combination of high technological features with a large capacity means that this type of refrigerator is a bit expensive and not everyone can afford it. Most models have an Energy Star Qualification, this being a definite feature you need to look for  if you have the financial potency. Accessories are also important. Many models have water dispensers or touch screen controls, which gives them that technological edge over their rivals. The customer reports are a good source of information about a particular model because it provides you with a pertinent opinion on the model at hand.

If you have a modern kitchen, then getting a French door refrigerator is an excellent choice because most of the models have a contemporary design. Read the refrigerator’s description, then its reviews. You will surely end up choosing the right appliance when you finally decide on which model to buy.

Every respectable household has a modern kitchen with modern and useful appliances that can be transformed into a sanctuary for food, both in the preparation phase and when it comes to storage. According to the latest statistics, it seems that the refrigerator represents the core of any kitchen and a growing number of people are aware of this particular aspect. Currently, more and more people are searching for a unique and efficient refrigerator that is well-designed and useful. Information is vital towards finding the proper product from the thousands, currently available on the market. Once you read the current top rated French door fridge reviews you will be able to find the one suited to your needs.



Top rated French door refrigerators in 2016


We are happy to present this article written by Dan Young, our expert in kitchen related products. This article will help you to get a better idea on what will fit your needs and budget.


Our recommendations




best French door refrigeratorThe GE Profile PFE28RSHSS 36″ French Door Refrigerator boasts the Hands-Free Autofill, which fills up any container automatically even when you walk away. The dispenser fills the container with the exact amount of water that you set it to, so you can multitask easily. The icemaker in both compartments ensures there is always more ice available when you need it. Thanks to separate climate control in the freezer and fresh food sections, your items are always kept fresh at the right temperature, with three accurate settings to ensure freshness. The electronic temperature-controlled full-width drawer is outfitted with colored LED lights to provide easy visibility of stored items


Click to see the price on Amazon!




LG Liebherr CS2062


1.Liebherr CBS2062 Counter DepthConsidered by thousands of satisfied users as one of the best French door refrigerators in 2016, the LG Liebherr CS2062 36 19.6 cu. Ft. counter-depth French door model, represents a smart and innovative storage facility for food, drinks and other similar products that need preserving. The model comes equipped with the GlassLine shelving system that withstands up to 180 lbs and can be easily cleaned without hassle. The LG Liebherr includes a door open and temperature alarm system that prevents the user from ruining their food. Furthermore, the LG Liebherr can keep the food frozen and in excellent conditions thanks to the NoFrost and FrostSafe systems.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($6296.55)




LG LFC21776ST 


1.LG LFC21776ST

With its energy efficient design and sleek stainless steel construction, it is easy to see why the LFC21776ST is often considered one of the best LG refrigerators. It comes with 4 glass shelves that are perfect for storage, along with the easy open pantry drawer. Measuring 20.7 cubic feet you have plenty of room for all of your groceries, and the convenient interior light allows you to see what you are doing. Designed for busy kitchens, this French door refrigerator might be exactly what you need.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($2099)







This Samsung French door refrigerator comes with plenty of space, and a durable stainless steel construction. It is designed to blend in beautifully with your other kitchen appliances, and measures 28 cubic feet. The glass shelves are designed to be easy to clean, and you will love the convenient storage drawer that lets you adjust the temperature as needed. Ice and water dispensers on the door ensure that everyone can easily get a cold drink, and the one touch controls are easy to navigate. Incredibly quiet when running and designed to be easy to operate, this Samsung refrigerator might be just what you need in your kitchen.


Click to see the price on Amazon!




KitchenAid Architect Series II KFXS25RYMS


 Considering that french door refrigerators are highly appreciated these days, the KitchenAid Architect Series II fits this category perfectly. Inside you will find spill shield glass shelves that give the interior a nice look and they are extremely easy to clean. The LEDs ensure that the lighting is bright enough for you to effortlessly see what you need to grab. As an extra design feature it has a FreshVue refrigerator drawer that can hold a decent food quantity. The Architect Series II is recommended for your kitchen if you want performance and style.


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Frigidaire Gallery FPHB2899PF


With this model, you can have more than 100 ways of organizing and customizing your refrigerator due to its Adjustable Interior Storage. This refrigerator is a perfect addition for your precious kitchen or dining area. It has an ideal storage room for all your food and beverages due to the SpaceWise Flip Up & Slide Under Shelves. In addition, the Frigidaire Gallery FPHB2899PF comes with a quality Ice & Water Filtration-PureSource Ultra Water Filtration which ensures refreshed and clean ice and water. In addition to its wonderful features and professional look, it has a Multi Level LED Lighting – Corner to corner LED lighting, so you can clearly see what’s inside.

“Based on my positive experience with this refrigerator from Frigidaire I recommend it to other kitchens. The huge capacity is one of the reasons I bought it because I have quite a large family and I definitely love the Ice & Water filtration system, which we take full advantage of.” – Anthony Stevens


Buy from Amazon.com for ($2699)






 A good choice to improve you kitchen is LG’s LFX31925ST which can take good care of  different foods. French door refrigerators like this one are regarded as the most stylish refrigerators available and also the most energy-efficient. The freezer has 3 tiers so you can easily organize everything. The Slim SpacePlus Ice System ensures that the temperature is always constant and that it keeps your foods fresh. Having this many wonderful features, the LFX31925ST will surely  give your kitchen a definite plus.


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Products which are no longer available



Whirlpool Stainless Steel


 A french door refrigerator is always a nice touch for a good looking kitchen. One such fridge is the Whirlpool 25.0 Cu.Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator. Due to its brushed metal design, it will make your kitchen look technologically advanced. The tap touch electronic controls make it very easy to use. Inside, it has 4 SpillGuard Glass Shelves and it also incorporates a Temperature Management feature thanks to the 6th Sense Technology. Overall, this is a top class french door refrigerator that can work wonders for the way your kitchen looks and also keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.



Samsung RF4267HARS


Samsung RF4267HARS refrigerator reviewsThe current top rated fringe reviews underline the efficiency and high quality of the Samsung RF4267HARS. It comes as no surprise to see that each year so many people purchase this model. The RF44267HARS has a large capacity, French doors and also the impressive ThrutheDoor Ice and Water dispenser, two humidity systems that keep meat, vegetables or anything you place inside fresh. The particularities of this refrigerator can be easily controlled without any hassle with the smooth finish stainless steel settings, thus making the whole food maintenance pattern easier.


Samsung RF4287HARS


For about 70 years Samsung has created high quality electronic devices, known for their durability and effectiveness. To this extent the Samsung RF4287HARS 28 cu. Ft. 4 door French refrigerator makes no exception when it comes to improving the food maintenance system of any kitchen. The Samsung RF4287HARS model has a large capacity, backed-up by the thin-wall insulation technology that lets you enjoy more space and an easy storage. Furthermore this model is Energy Star approved which means that your monthly electricity bills will show fewer fees. The particularities of the Samsung RF4287HARS place it among the present best French door refrigerators in 2016.



Electrolux EI23BC51IS


When it comes to refrigerators, Electrolux has always created high quality and solid products with the ability to satisfy people’s needs. These days, the EI23BC51IS 36 with the impressive 22.6 capacity counter-depth French door model is used by thousands of Americans. The EI23BC51IS stainless steel French door refrigerator has the right features to keep the food fresh without affecting its taste and texture. This model has 4 luxury-design glass shelves that can be controlled with IQ-Touch controls. Combining all these great feature, this device received high marks on the top rated fringe reviews.


General Electric: GFSS6KKYSS


General Electric GFSS6KKYSS 36 25.9 cu. Ft. French door refrigerator reviewsThe present top rated fridge reviews underline the efficiency and durability of the General Electric GFSS6KKYSS  French door refrigerator.Known for its modern and stylish design, this GE refrigerator is an example of professionalism and detailed food maintenance for any kitchen. Equipped with the Climate Keeper system with dual evaporators and the freshness center with full-width drawer, the GE GFSS6KKYSS refrigerator preserves food at the optimal temperature. This model also has a bright interior due to the solid GE reveal lighting which allows you to easily see  everything inside. All these features place this model among the current best French door refrigerators in 2016.



LG LFX25978


The LG LFX25978, Stainless Steel is a unique and distinguished refrigerator model because of its great functions. It has a spacious interior, enough to handle all your food and beverages. It also has a water dispenser which is easy to use. This also means that you don’t have to save many bottles of water inside the refrigerator. Its  33″ width, sleek, sophisticated silver design adds a professional touch to your kitchen or dining area. It is also quiet, so you will not be bothered by unwanted noises. It is also mentioned on the best French door refrigerators reviews that it has a lot of shelves on which you can store your extra food.

“The stainless steel construction really attracted me to the LG LFX25978 and after I checked out its performance ratings I knew this was the refrigerator I wanted in my kitchen. I am more than pleased with the way it runs and I recommend its purchase.” – Mike Dawson


Samsung RF4287HARS


Top rated French door refrigerator in 2016 A top quality refrigerator can do wonders for your kitchen and keep your food nice and fresh for a longer time. The Samsung RF4287HARS is one of the best french door refrigerators available on the market. The new modern thin-wall insulation technology gives you the benefit of having more storage room that allows you to easily organize your food and beverages. The LED inside emits a powerful light that enables you to find whatever you want and to grab it out with ease. This fridge adds quality and style to your modern kitchen and should be purchased without any second thoughts, because it is that good.

“From the first time I saw it there was something about this refrigerator that made me stick to it and I think it was the eye-catching design. Anyway it seemed solid at the performance level end and up to this moment I can honestly declare that I am a very satisfied customer.” – Mark Holman



Samsung RFG237AARS


 In a modern kitchen, the food must be kept in a high performance fridge. Being one of the top rated french door refrigerators in 2016, the Samsung RFG237AARS is praised for its top performances and energy efficient characteristics. The Twin Cooling Plus System makes sure that the fridge cools properly and fast. If we add that it has Surround Air Flow, we can see why it is so highly praised. To adjust the temperature inside just use the external digital display and control. With the best modern features available, the RFG237AARS model should have a central role in your home.

“Well I didn’t expect Samsung to be making refrigerators but one look over the features and capabilities made me seriously think of buying one. That I did and I am amazed by how efficient it is. I thought that such a large refrigerator will consume a lot of electricity, but it is definitely not the case, consuming less than my older, smaller model.” – Jack Walters