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Top rated golf club sets in 2016


Golf is one of the sports that simply delights casual and professional players from around the world. With a subtle take on the sport you will understand why so many people are trying to improve their game every time they step on the field. In order to play well it is important that you find an efficient and reliable set of golf clubs with the capacity to fill certain existing gaps. There are many products currently available on the market that can significantly enhance your playing skill. To this extent it is essential that you read the present top rated golf club set reviews in order to have the proper insight on the functionality and efficiency of the product you are about to purchase.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Pieces Prices Hand Orientation Bag Our Rating Find more info

Callaway Strata Complete

12 $$$$ Right Included A+ Full review

ProSimmon Golf X9

11 $$ Right Included A Full review

Palm Springs Golf Visa

11 $$$ Right Included B+ Full review

Confidence Golf ESP

9 $$$ Right Included C+ Full review

Intech Lancer Junior

10 $$ Right Included B AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Club Set


best golf club setThis is the best golf club set for beginners, and anyone else that needs a little extra help with their swing. This 12 piece golf set includes everything you need on the course, including a convenient carrying bag. Designed to help you improve your game or to simply be used as a teaching tool, you will love watching your scores improve when you use this golf club set.

The driver and 3 wood features a strong graphite shaft that will help your ball gain the lift and distance it needs, while the large sweet spot on the driver helps to ensure it travels all the way down the green. You will also appreciate the accurate putter that makes it easy to line up shorter shots.

With hybrid clubs that are designed to help correct your swing, along with well balanced irons and wedges that improve your control over the ball you will soon be playing golf like a professional. The lightweight carrying bag also includes a convenient hood that helps keep you dry when you are playing in the rain, along with a pocket to keep drinks refreshing cold when you are out on the hot course.


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ProSimmon Golf X9


Today, more and more players see the ProSimmon Golf X9 Tall+1” Men’s graphite & Steel Hybrid club set as one of the best golf club sets 2016 currently available to both casual and professional players. This model adds an extra inch to the standardized golf clubs in order to accommodate taller players. The set has a titanium matrix driver with a solid 460cc club head and also a reliable 10.5-degree fairway 3-wood, both with graphite shafts. ProSimmon adds a touch of elegance to the set with and also innovation due to the fact that 3- and 4- are hybrids engineered to replace hard to play long irons.


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Palm Springs Golf Visa Men’s Club Set


Most of the present top rated golf club set reviews underline the efficiency of the Palm Springs golf Visa Men’s graphite and steel hybrid club set and stand bag. Renowned for its clever design and extended life span, the set has a titanium matrix driver with an oversized 460cc head, a solid 10.5 degree loft and also a 15 degree 3 wood overall design, allowing the user to have greater confidence in his swing pattern. The Palm Springs golf set has a rear preconfigured weight that lowers the centre of gravity in order to deliver a suitable higher ball flight without any problems.


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Confidence Golf ESP Mens Hybrid Club Set


1.Confidence Golf ESP Men's All-Graphite Hybrid Club SetThe Confidence ESP Hybrid is one of the best reviewed club sets today because of the excellent price to quality ratio. The best piece from the set is the Titanium Matrix driver that has a 460cc head and a 10.5 degree loft. The woods are also of amazing quality, built with the aid of nanotechnology and fitted with a graphite regular flex shaft. With this much care put into making the clubs it is understandable why so many people have praised the set’s performance on the golf course.


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Intech Lancer Junior Golf Club Set


 If you want to learn how to golf, choosing a beginner club set is a must. The Intech Lancer Junior Club Set is a good choice and allows you to steadily improve your game. The whole set has everything you need to learn about every aspect of this wonderful sport. The set has a fairway driver, a hybrid, a 7 and a 9 iron and a putter, plus the club bag. Golf is a very relaxing and intriguing sport and to practice it even at beginner level you need the right set to aid you through the learning process.


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Products which are no longer available


Callaway Razr Edge 11 Piece Set


Callaway Razr Edge 11 Piece SetThe Callaway Razr Edge 11 Piece Set contains the 460cc Titanium head that produces high MOI and locates the center of gravity with more certainty. This head also gives golf players the edge in targeting and advancing to a longer and more challenging distance. The versatile hybrid, which combines the hosel design, high MOI head design and a lower leading edge also greatly contributes to this advantage. This set’s fairway woods are also tailored for very large distances. The Callaway Razr Edge 11 Piece Set is professionally designed to give you the boost and enhancement you need. I agree with golf players that also read our best golf club sets reviews that this unit is the real deal.



Confidence GOLF Mens POWER Hybrid Club Set


 best golf club sets 2016If you want to enjoy yourself on the golf course you need the proper club set. One very good choice is the Confidence Hybrid Club Set which has everything covered. The pitching wedges, hybrid, drivers and putter all have steel shafts to prove that they are of high quality. The bag is very roomy so you can fit everything you need inside and it is also waterproof in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. If you are an amateur golfer then this set offers good quality clubs for you to use and play your best game.



Voit XP Men’s all graphite golf club set & stand bag


If you want to improve your game you have to have the Voit XP Men’s all graphite golf clubs set & stand bag on the field. This all graphite club set was designed to accommodate beginner to intermediary players, as it is engineered with the latest technology to provide greater stability while playing. The Voit XP set has a titanium driver with a 10.5-degree loft and also the solid USGA-maximum 460cc sized head that helps the user obtain better results during the play. This handles mid-range distances with ease.  The XP24-degree hybrid and the full iron set place this model among the current best golf club sets in 2016.



Wilson Golf Men’s Profile Package set


Considered one of the very best golf club sets in 2016, the Wilson gold men’s profile package set helps the player enhance his skill by using a professional tool every time he steps on the field. The model has a powerful and modern design that focuses on achieving a greater distance and better control, thus allowing the user to experience better swings and precision. Furthermore, it comes with a high MOI mallet head shape putter designed with a delicate anti-glare finish and also a solid unique alignment. The clubs are light and can be controlled with ease irrespective of the experience level of the player.



Callaway Strata


Callaway Strata Mens Complete Golf SetThe Callaway Strata Men’s Complete Golf Set with Bag contains 13 pieces of high quality golfing utensils that include a 460cc forged driver, fairway wood, two hybrids, five irons and a putter. The 460cc forged driver includes a head cover and its 3-Wood comes with a modernized head shape for longer and higher flying shots. It also has a progressive mallet shape, and its hybrids are an ideal substitute to laborious and bigger irons by giving the player more assurance and accuracy in his shots. In addition to that, this unit irons are made from stainless steel, a durable material that completes this golf set’s excellent capabilities.



Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set


Wilson Men's 2016 Ultra CompleteConsidered the best golf club set in 2016 for men 6’2″ and shorter, you will appreciate the comfortable and sturdy construction. Perfect for beginners and experienced players who are looking to improve their game, everything you need to get started hitting balls is included with this golf club set.

You have the advantage of the convenient storage bag that is also designed to be lightweight and comfortable to carry around the course. The bag also includes plenty of zippered pockets that are perfect for keeping track of your extra balls and tees. Featuring a standard grip on the clubs for comfort, this also makes it easier to swing and connect with the ball.

This golf club set includes a driver and 3 wood for making distance shots down the fairway, along with a 5 iron and a hybrid club. The included putter helps to ensure that you can make short and accurate shots, and since these golf clubs also feature an iron shaft you know that each one is durable and long lasting. Perfect for practicing or for beginners just learning how to swing, it is easy to see why this golf club set is a favorite with players.



Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece Complete Golf Set


 top rated golf club set reviewsTo have a perfect day`s golfing you need top class equipment. The Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece is consideret to be one of the best golf sets in 2016. All its clubs are of high quality and can ensure that the equipment part of the game is up to high standards. The driver is titanium-enhanced, the pitching wedges are made from stainless-steel and the putter is made from quality materials. With all these great qualities it is no wonder that the Pinemeadow Pre 16-Piece golf set is regarded as one of the best today.



Tiger Shark great white men’s golf set with Ogio bag


Receiving good marks and good feedback from the top rated golf club set reviews, the Tiger Shark great white men’s golf set with a solid Ogio bag is designed with care and dedication. This professionalism helps the player to vastly improve his game. Furthermore, the Tiger Shark men’s golf set promotes a faster swing speed and also more distance due to the perfect mix of high CG hybrid long irons which feature a cavity-back to give players more depth in the field. The set also includes a specially craftet white putter with a tiger shark ultra-tac grip needed to stabilize the swing.