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Top rated headlamps in 2016


There are many activities in the world today that require a specific kind of help and dedicated instruments. Jewel crafting, wood crafting, watch making, stamp collecting and working with electronics represent some of the activities that people do with the assistance of a high quality headlamp. Why a headlamp? Well, first of all people need their hands free in order to better operate any instrument and second of all you will have direct light on the respective object. To this extent it comes as no surprise to see so many people searching for the best headlamp in 2016. A high quality and efficient model can deliver significant aid in any line of work you are in that requires direct light.

Information is essential towards finding the optimal device, suited to your needs. This is the reason it is highly recommended to read some of the latest top rated headlamp reviews in order to find and use a high quality product. Using one of the best headlamps in any of your work activities represents an important step ahead. It can be pretty useful to use a product with the capacity to light up a specific area in order to see better and implicitly work better.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Type of Bulb Price Power Source Color Our Rating Where to buy

Streamlight 61052 Septor

LED $$$ Battery Black/Red A+ AMAZON

Energizer 6

LED $$ Battery Green A AMAZON

Energizer 3

LED $$ Battery Camo B AMAZON

Petzl E93 Tikka 2

LED $$$$ Battery Storm Gray B+ AMAZON

Petzl E91 Tikkina 2

LED $$$$$ Battery Electric Blue C AMAZON


Our Top Choices



Streamlight 61052 Septor LED


best headlampAccording to the latest statistics and user testimonials it seems that the Streamlight 61052 Septor LED headlamp with strap is one of the best headlamps in 2016, in terms of quality and functionality. This model comes with seven, ultra-bright white LEDs and three levels of lighting perfect for a wide range of delicate applications. The Streamlight has a precise 90-degree tilt mechanism that reduces the neck strain and focuses the light where you need to place it. This is the reason why comes as no surprise to see so many people use with confidence the Streamlight 61052 model.


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Energizer 6 LED Headlight


Energizer 6 LED HeadlightA growing number of the latest top rated headlamp reviews coming from thousands of satisfied users and experienced technicians underline the efficiency of Energizer 6 LED headlight, a product very popular in the United States of America and Canada. The Energizer 7 includes four light modes, a very solid and pivoting water-resistant head and more importantly a comfortable headband that doesn’t irritate the skin. The headlight is water-resistant and its flexible headband gives you the possibility to adjust the model to your liking.


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Energizer 3 LED Headlight


Energizer 3 LED HeadlampMost of the latest top rated headlamp reviews written by satisfied users and technicians underline the efficiency of the Energizer 3 LED headlight, a product bent on delivering the exact quantity of light you need during any activity. The 3 LEDs of the model can deliver up to 30 lumens of light and run for 28 hours straight on 3 AAA energizer Max alkaline batteries that have proven their quality. The head of the device can be tilted by up to 90 degrees which allows you to aim with precision the light where you need it to.


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Petzl E91 Tikkina 2


Considered by thousands of people as the best headlamp in 2016 regarding quality and efficiency, the Petzl E91 Tikkina 2 was designed with attention in order to accommodate all kind of needs. The E91 can help the user obtain the best results in virtually anything that arises during a typical work day. The Tikkina 2 has two lighting modes (maximum and economic) that adapt with ease and require no additional adjustments. Furthermore, you should know that Petzl E91 is equipped a new and improved LEDs that work very fine at a single push of a button.


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Petzl E93 Tikka 2


The majority of the latest top rated headlamps reviews, drafted with attention by thousands of satisfied users and technicians underline the fluid functionality of the Petzl E93 Tikka 2 model, a product that delivers high performance every time it is used. With a versatile and modern design, the Petzl E93 can be used with ease and without any limitations. This headlamp from Petzl has four LEDs that can deliver up to 40 lumens and can shine to distances of up to 29 meters. To this extent, seeing E93 Tikka 2 headlamp among the top products today comes as no surprise.