Best impact driver reviews

Best impact driver reviews


Top rated impact drivers in 2015


Construction projects require professional tools which can provide reliable assistance during any given task and thus reduce the effort. Besides the presence of driving screws, power drills and hammer drills, which deals with hard materials that needs a precise approach it is very important to have by your side powerful impact drivers. The efficiency and precision pattern of the impact drivers are higher but they are a bit noisier. Information is essential towards finding the proper product and for this particular reason it is recommended that you read the top rated impact driver reviews in order to have an insight in their functionality and overall quality.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power Source Voltage Battery Cell Type Customer Rating Where to buy

Makita LXDT01Z

Battery 115 18V Lithium Ion A+ AMAZON

Dewalt DC825KA

Battery 200 18V NiCAD A AMAZON

Makita DFO10DSE

Cordless Electric 165 7.2V Lithium Ion A AMAZON

Dewalt DC825B

Battery 60 18V NiCAD A+ AMAZON

Hitachi WH18DFL

Battery 190 18V Lithium Ion B AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Dewalt DC825KA 18-volt compact impact driver


With a modern and compact design Dewalt DC825KA deserves its place among the current best impact drivers 2015 because it can always deliver precise assistance during all of its tasks. Equipped with a frameless motor with replaceable brushes that ensure longer life span and durability, Dewalt DC825KA has a compact and lightweight design which ensures access to tight spaces when performing various applications, irrespective of their difficulty level. In addition Dewalt 18-volt impact driver comes with an efficient 1.330 in-lbs of torque able to perform a wide range of tasks with ease, due to the also presence of the 0-2.400 rpm and 0-2700 speed.

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Makita DFO10DSE 7.2-volt lithium-ion cordless impact driver kit


top rated impact driver reviewsMost of the current top rated impact driver reviews recommend the usage of the Makita DFO10DSE model, known for its high quality features and extended positive functionality irrespective of the task. With the Makita-built in motor that delivers 177 in. lbs. of maximum torque with 2.300 rpm and 3.000 rpm of speed, this cordless impact driver kit allows you to extend the precision during the project. Furthermore it has a quick release ¼-inch hex chuck and an incorporated LED light which helps you to see the targeted area better. It comes as no surprise to see each year more and more people purchase the Makita DFO10DSE cordless impact driver.

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Makita LXDT01Z 18V cordless impact driver


In the present most of the top rated impact driver reviews point out that Makita LXDT01Z cordless impact driver reunites high quality features and accuracy in achieving any of the tasks involving it. Makita LXDT01Z 18V cordless impact driver allows the user to select from 3-speed power options 0-1.300, 0-2.000, 0-2.600 and 0-1.300, 0-2.800, 0-3.400 ipm) which is more than enough for the completion of various applications. In addition the model comes with the powerful built-in motor that delivers 1.460 in. lbs of maximum torque and the impressive brushless motor technology which ensures greater efficiency and by up to 20% more life on the battery.

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Hitachi WH18DFL 18-volt Lithium-ion impact driver with 1.5 amp hour batteries


Considered by thousands of satisfied customers and specialists as one of the best impact drivers 2015, Hitachi WH18DFL model provides a solid 1150 in./lbs of torque power which more than enough for any work. This 18-volt lithium-ion impact driver has two 1.5 lithium-ion batteries and also a charger that permit a greater durability without the presence of any restrictive factors. Hitachi WH18DFL was designed with attention in order to offer a comfortable ergonomic elastomer grip needed for a better manoeuvrability during any of the objectives set out at the beginning of the work.

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Dewalt bare-tool DC825B ¼-inch 18-volt cordless impact driver


best impact drivers 2015Today’s power tools embody strength and accuracy but none can match the design and functionality of the Dewalt bare-tool DC825B impact driver. This model has a frameless motor that ensures enhanced durability and lifespan so that you won’t be limited to a specific time frame or location. With a compact structure and size, DC825B impact driver can be used to access tighter areas and also reduce the effort during the task at hand. In addition, this model has 1.330 in-lbs of torque capable of performing various operations and a speed that goes from 0-2.400 rpm/0-2700 rpm, deserving its place among the best impact drivers 2015.

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