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Top rated massage chairs in 2015


For proper relaxation and back pain reduction, nothing is as good as a massage chair. This thing is able to provide you different types of massages at different intensity levels. The heat controlling system has added an extra advantage, as it further relaxes your muscles while you enjoy your massage As you go through the best massage chairs reviews, you will find that some of these chairs have a unique air bag. So enjoy a nice and warm massage today. For that you won’t need to find a good therapist.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Available Colors Price Weight Capacity (ad) Warranty Our Rating Where to buy

BestMassage 06C

Black and more $$$ 300 lbs 1 year limited A+ AMAZON

Beautyhealth 7-DEE-BLK Shiatsu

Black $$$$ 10 years A AMAZON

Beautyhealth 11D Forever Rest

Black $$$$$ 320 lbs 10 years B AMAZON

Relaxzen 60-425111

Brown $$ 300 lbs 1 year B+ AMAZON

Therapist’s Choice Portable

Black $ 500 lbs 2 years C+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices



BestMassage 06c Electric Massage Chair Recliner


Best Massage ChairThe top rated yet affordable Best Massage Electric Massage Chair Recliner provides shiatsu results thanks to its power rollers that ease away muscle stress, effectively reducing fatigue and re-energizing your mind and body. This electric massage chair/recliner employs compression and percussion features to improve the mobility, flexibility and posture of your legs. Through the innovative chop action tapping and flapping, the chair lessens the ache and soreness faster. It also relaxes your body’s stiff muscles and softens the thick layers of fatty deposits scattered throughout your body while stimulating the nerves and overworked muscles. To help you know how to optimize its use, the massage chair comes with an easy-to-understand instruction video.

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Beautyhealth 7-DEE-BLK Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair


2.Authentic Beautyhealth (alta, fara scris, n-am gasit)The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair incorporates new massage chair technology to give you a genuinely relaxing time in it. The massage chair is built with 69 airbags that deliver a more realistic genuine full body massage compared to other massage chair brands. The Authentic Beautyhealth Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair also offers synchronized MP3 massage with jade heating to ease away aches and pains gently and effectively. The chair also offers 6 different massage programs with 5 various massage methods for truly customized relaxation. This chair uses the revolutionary Human Body Scan technology to deliver precise massage action to the areas that need it the most.

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Beautyhealth 11D Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair


3.Forever Rest Premium Massage ChairUtilizing new massage chair technology, the Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair offers the best of Shiatsu massage. This unit is engineered with real humanized massage hands mechanism that delivers six massage functions including kneading, rolling, flapping, kneading and flapping, knocking and vibrating, and shiatsu, for a truly relaxing massage experience. The Forever Rest Premium Massage Chair boasts a unique function in which the armrests move all the way back to keep the arm massagers always close to the arms, eliminating the need to manually slide those components toward you when you recline. The integrated Jade Heat Massager offers soothing infrared heat using 5 helium-neon bulbs for innovative heat therapy.

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Relaxzen 60-425111 Leisure Massage Reclining Chair


Best Massage ChairTo get relief from your back pain permanently, bring home this amazing looking massage chair with heat emitting capacity. You can get an excellent warm massage that focuses on your desired zone. It includes a cover made out of top quality leather that feels super comfortable. The chair comes equipped with 8 motors to provide a greater range of motion for the massage function. The perfect solution for your back pain ranges in price from $200 to $250. There are other features like recline, swivel and tension adjustment included in this massage chair.

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Therapist’s Choice Portable Massage Chair


The Therabuilt Portable massage chair is great for starter physiotherapists. It needs only one screw to set up the whole massage chair. You will not be disappointed paying an affordable price for this awesome product. You will find out about the best features of these chairs from the best massage chairs reviews. The free carrying case allows you to carry this chair anywhere you want. Thick foam covers the entire chair, providing a high degree of comfort to all your body parts. Unlike a massage table, it fits into most cars.

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Products which are no longer available



BestMassage EC-82 Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner


The best massage chairs reviews talk about the high quality and comfortability of the EC-82 Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner. More than 30 built in air bags provide a heat intelligent roller system massage. The extensive range of motion allows you to massage the tailbone area all the way up to the neck. Most of the massage chairs cannot provide this extra ordinary feature. The vibration massage helps dilate the blood vessels. Spending money on this marvel chair will certainly turn out to be a great investment.



Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair


The Master Apollo Portable Massage Chair has the thickest cushions available on the market. The Rhino – Hide upholstery is used to provide an extra layer of comfort to this massage chair. You will purchase it and then recommend it for the unbeatable comfort. The wheeled carrying case allows you to travel with this master massage chair. A chest bolster is included for greater comfort. The entire package has a great price which you should certainly take advantage of.  If you do a ton of chair massages and travel a lot, this thing is simply great for you.