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Top rated microwaves in 2016


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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Power  Price Capacity Turntable Our Rating Where to buy

Panasonic NE-1054F

1000W $$$$ 0.8 cu. ft. No A+ AMAZON

Panasonic NN-H965WF

1250W $$ 2.2 cu. ft. 15″ A AMAZON

Panasonic NN-SD681S

1200W $$ 1.2 cu. ft. 13.5″ B+ AMAZON

Panasonic NN-SD372S

950W $$ 0.8 cu. ft. 13.5″ B AMAZON

Panasonic  NN-SD797S

1250W $$$ 1.6 cu. ft. 15″ C+ AMAZON


Any respectable kitchen needs a professional and reliable microwave with the capacity to quickly heat up food without changing the taste in any way. These days, there are thousands of microwaves available on the market that can help people easily get their meals done. A high quality microwave must provide fast cooking, durability and a wide variety of heating options in order to become a versatile assistant in the kitchen. Still, it can be pretty hard to find a product suitable to your needs given the fact that there are thousands of models on the market, all backed-up by strong advertising campaigns. This is the reason why, it is essential to read some of the top rated microwave reviews in order to find the best one for your home.

How to find the best microwave for your budget – Expert Buying Guide


microwavThere are certain things that are essential for any modern kitchen and one of them is the microwave which will help you cook, defrost, heat up or perform many other cooking related functions. There are many things to look out for when you are buying a microwave. By reading reviews, you will find out some tips in order to be well prepared when you finally need to buy a microwave.

At first, you need to think where you are going to place your new microwave and depending on how much room you have in your kitchen you can narrow down your search. Then you need to think about the internal capacity which can range between 1 and 2 cu. ft. Once you have this figured out, then you have to think about what exactly you are going to use the microwave mostly because they have different heating levels. You will generally find microwaves using between 600 and 1200 watts which can influence the cooking performance. Also, look for one which has lots of features because it will heat up, defrost or cook certain foods or drinks better. If you manage to get a microwave with a lot of characteristics you will have a lot more possibilities to use it for. You can also look for other optional or less important features like for instance a large LED display and touch screen controls.

Keep your eyes open and don’t buy the first microwave you see, read a couple reviews or customer reports before you make your final decision. It is very important to know what are you going to use the microwave for and the size it is going to have in order to fit your kitchen.


Our Top Choices



Panasonic NE-1054F Commercial Microwave


best microwaveMost of the current top rated microwave reviews underline the efficiency of the Panasonic NE-1054 model. It is designed to become a reliable cooking assistant, thus helping the user prepare delicious foods all the time. The model includes 6 power levels and 1000 watts of power which is more than enough to accomplish any culinary task. Furthermore, the microwave has 20 pre-programmable settings and a beautifully designed touch pad control which allows you to easily use the Panasonic NE-1054. This model is ideal for lunches, reheats or defrosting without worries of any kind.


Buy from for ($207)




Panasonic NN-H965WF Genius Sensor Microwave


 With a eye-catching design and top features, the Panasonic NN-H965WF is regarded as one of the best microwaves in 2016. The 2.2 cu. ft. capacity is an impressive feature. The 16.5 inch turntable makes the food heating process evenly distributed. It has all the Panasonic great features and one of them is the Inverter Turbo Defrost, which allows you to defrost your food in a flash. There are 10 power levels and it can cook, basically, all types of food, while also heating or defrosting faster. With all these wonderful features and superior quality, the NN-H965WF is one of the microwave value leaders.


Buy from for ($221.65)




Panasonic NN-SD681S Genius “Prestige” Sensor Microwave


1The Panasonic NN-SD681S is a reliable tool for your kitchen. It can efficiently do multiple jobs every time you need. The Inverter Technology cooks your food evenly and thanks to this amazing feature the food will retain its wonderful flavor. Another special program is the Inverter Turbo Defrost for extremely quick food defrosting. The Blue 4-Digit Readout LED Display allows you to easily set its programs without any complications. The door has a small indentation on the upper-left corner and it is easy to open. Using this microwave you will experience cooking, heating up and defrosting at a new level in the comfort of your  kitchen.

“For me this microwave is as solid as one gets and has really made my kitchen a better place when it comes to warming up a meal or a drink, making popcorn and I can go on and on. Quality must be recommended to others so this is exactly what I’m doing.” – Richard Carr


Buy from for ($179.99)




Panasonic NN-SD372S Microwave


One little microwave that can come in handy in a small kitchen is the Panasonic NN-SD372S. Having a capacity of just 0.8 cu. ft inside, it is smaller than other similar Panasonic models.  Don’t let the size fool you though. It can easily fit inside any kitchen and has the same quality features as the bigger ones. This device comes with the Inverted Technology for cooking and the Inverted Turbo Defrost. It also has a Delay/Start button, More/Less control, Pop-corn key and other dials. These features ensure that this microwave gets the work done perfectly, regardless of the size of the meal.


Buy from for ($139.99)




Panasonic  NN-SD797S Genius “Prestige” Sensor Microwave


Every modern kitchen must have a microwave that has the performance and features needed to integrate in a technologically advanced home. Produced by the well-known brand Panasonic, the NN-SD797S Genius “Prestige” Sensor Microwave comes with all the necessary characteristics needed to satisfy even the most demanding customers. It has all of Panasonic’s most advanced features including the Invert Technology for fast cooking. It is made from finger-print resistant stainless steel and has a shiny and modern design. Aside from having such great qualities, this microwave can also easily fit in your kitchen. This device manages to improve the overall quality of the cooking experience.


Buy from for ($209)




Panasonic NH-H765BF Genius Sensor Microwave


 Best microwaves 2016Modern kitchens should be equipped with the latest devices even in the case of the microwave. The Panasonic NH-H765BF is among the top rated microwaves on the market that can offer limitless possibilities. Its controls include a popcorn key, a quick minute button, delay start and timer. Ten power levels assure that you can heat up and prepare virtually everything. The turntable measures 15-inches in size which means that the interior is spacious. This microwave is perfect for your home and it can easily warm, defrost or cook any type of food.

“Immediately after I laid eyes on this Panasonic microwave and saw its feature list I knew it was the perfect one for my needs. The interior has a lot of room so I can fit a lot of different foods inside,  like for instance 15 inch pizzas.” – Alice Smith


Buy from for ($188.13)




Oster OGB5902 Microwave Oven


Oster OGB5902 Microwave OvenThanks to the 900-watts of cooking power and 10 adjustable power levels, the Oster OGB5902 is a customer favorite. It has 5 auto cooking settings and one touch menu feature, which will make heating and reheating your favorite foods and beverages really easy. The removable glass turntable is easy to clean. The digital timer and clock features allow you to stay in complete control. Its elegant stainless steel door and black housing makes this unit popular with the best microwave reviews. Because of its great features the microwave is a cinch to use and clean.

“Getting this microwave was a great idea on my part because it has so many presets which I can take advantage of and it heats up my cocoa and food in an instant. I’m a movie enthusiast so I love my popcorn when I am watching a classic or a new flick.” – John Norris


Buy from for ($86.99)





Products which are no longer available


Sharp R-520KS microwave oven


Everyone knows that Sharp has high quality products destined to deliver professionalism and efficiency every time you use one of them. To this extent, the Sharp R-520KS microwave oven makes no exception, including in its basic structure 1200 watts worth of power with a more than generous 2-cubic-foot cooking area. The R-520KS has 20 automatic settings, 3 reheat features, 4 defrost options and also 9 smart & Easy sensors which make it extremely easy to cook any type of food at any time. As one of the best microwaves 2016, the Sharp R-520KS takes cooking to the next level by allowing the user to enjoy a delicious meal.


Haier MWM0701TW Countertop Microwave


Haier MWM0701TWThe Haier MWM0701TW has a 0.7 cu. ft. capacity with a power of 700 watts that will surely meet your cooking needs. It also has 10 power levels with electronic touch controls which allows it to adjust to the type of food you plan on cooking or reheating. In addition to these great features, this unit has 8 one-touch menu buttons and automatic settings for weight and time defrost. This is also ideal for kitchens or dining areas with limited spaces because its measures only 17″ W x 10 3/16″ H x 12 7/8″ D. To top it all off, it only weighs 33.1 lbs. which makes it easy to move.

“The Haier MWM0701TW was my choice for a microwave and time has showed me that I have made a very good choice indeed. So many preset settings are at my disposal and also with the 10 power levels I have a lot of options available anytime I want to use them, which is excellent for a diverse diet.” – Edward Wright



Panasonic NE-1757R Commercial Microwave Oven


The Panasonic NE-1757R microwave oven is considered one of the best microwaves 2016 because of its compact and modern design and efficient set of cooking features. With a solid stainless steel cabinet, 3 power levels and 60 programmable menu items, the Panasonic NE-1757R becomes a solid culinary tool, thus helping you to get the job done every time. The machine is very easy to use because of the button free handle. Furthermore, using the technological expertise of Panasonic, the NE-1757R model allows you to cook fast and without worries.



Amana Heavy duty microwave oven


The Amana microwave is very popular all across the United States. It is praised for its efficiency in heating food and also for its compact and stylish design. Furthermore, it is ideal for restaurants that need a professional cooking oven. It has a heavy duty construction and a firm stainless steel build. The Amana microwave can cook up to 8 items at once and has more than 100 programmable menu items with even heat distribution, thus allowing you to cook with confidence. It is easy to clean and has a low maintenance set of requirements. This is the reason why Amana has high ratings and received some of the best feedback from the present top rated microwaves reviews.



Amana 1000 Watt microwave oven


As one of the best microwaves 2016, the Amana 1000 watt microwave oven combines efficiency, professionalism and affordability, thus bringing a touch of innovation in any kitchen. Providing a solid 1000 watts worth of power, The Amana microwave is able to help the user heat food without affecting its taste in any way. The solid stainless steel exterior and interior is easy to clean in just a couple of minutes. The Amana 1000 enables you to control all of its cooking features through its user friendly interface.