Best Mp3 player reviews

Best Mp3 player reviews


Top rated Mp3 players in 2015


Music plays an important role in our lives and for this reason people want to be connected to a solid reliable source that can play their favorite songs anytime they want, without any restrictions of any kind. These days, men and women love to listen to music on their mp3 players, and the best devices currently available on the market that can deliver clear sounds. Still, it can be pretty difficult to find the best model given the increased number of products offered by various manufacturers. With the right type of information you will be able to find the model suited to your own requirements. It is recommended to read some of the present best mp3 players in 2015 in order identify the one that incorporates all the options you need.

Most of the latest top rated mp3 player reviews can also provide reliable information that can become very useful along the way. It is important to acknowledge the fact that there are many products, with various advantages and disadvantages, and different levels of quality and price. People need a modern and advanced mp3 player with the capacity to provide and maintain high quality sounds every time it is turned on and in any situations.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Storage Price Battery life Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Waterfi SW3-SSL

2 GB $$$$ 15 h 0.6 oz A+ AMAZON

Apple iPod nano

16 GB $$$$$ 30 h 1.1 oz B+ AMAZON

Apple iPod shuffle

2 GB $$ 15 h 0.5 oz A AMAZON

SanDisk Sansa Clip+

8 GB $$ 15 h 0.8 oz B AMAZON

Cowon iAUDIO 9

8 GB $$$ 30 h 1.4 oz C AMAZON



Waterfi Waterproof iPod shuffle Swim Kit with Waterproof Headphones


Best Mp3 player reviewsThe majority of the current top rated mp3 player reviews underline the solid structure and efficiency of the Waterfi iPod shuffle swim kit with waterproof headphones. The unique design of this mp3 player allows you to listen to your favourite songs even though you are at the beach, pool or in the sea. The Waterfi waterproof iPod shuffle comes equipped with the new dual layer technology that protects the device even in the harshest environments, lasting longer than any other devices in its category. With a 15 hours battery life and 2 GB worth of memory you can listen to over 500 songs which is quite impressive.

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Apple iPod nano 16GB Slate (7th Generation)


This redesigned Apple iPod nano 16GB Slate is the latest model and trend this year. It comes with a 16 GB capacity and a USB cable, along with Apple Earpods and Quick Start guide features. It has an amazing 2.5-inch Multi-Touch color display with 240-by-432 pixel resolution, which is what my friends and I admire most. When it comes to its appearance, it is the thinnest of all iPods because it is only 5.4 mm thick. And although this is the latest among all iPods, it is still user-friendly. Another special feature is its ability to track your steps, your runs, and burned calories and syncs to the Nike+ website when it comes to workout time. Its 4.0 Bluetooth allows you to wirelessly connect to speakers, headphones, or car stereos.

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Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Slate (5th Generation)


One of Apple’s latest releases this year, Apple iPod shuffle 2GB Slate comes with Apple earphones, iPod shuffle USB cable and Quick Start guide features. Its portable and wearable design is also made with polished anodized aluminum. This design is also built for uttermost durability. It also has a built-in clip, voice overs, and a user-friendly control pad to use for your music, audiobooks and podcasts. This model received high remarks on best mp3 players reviews, claiming how this wonderful gadget that is available in eight colors can be clipped on their backpack, shirt, jacket, workout gear or purse strap. When it comes to capacity, all your needs will surely be met with about 15 hours of battery life and 2 GB of storage.

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SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 8 GB MP3 Player


Considered by thousands of satisfied users as one of the best mp3 players in 2015, the Sansa clip from SanDisk has the capacity of delivering clear sounds and excellent base. Every time the device is turned on, the user will be greeted by high quality audio patterns and additional features. Thanks to the 8GB memory, you can store up to 2000 songs which is more than enough for the 15 hours of battery life. Furthermore, the model comes with a built-in clip for easier management while you move or jog.

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Cowon iAUDIO 9 16 GB Mp3 Player


Most of the present top rated mp3 player reviews underline the solid structure and additional options of the Cowon iAUDIO 9 models, the black version. This device was designed with attention to details, thus accommodating all your technical requirements. The model comes with a video and audio player, FM tuner, voice recorder and also photo viewer. The Cowon iAUDIO has 16 GB of memory which is more than enough to store thousands of your favorite songs. Furthermore, you will be able to listen to these songs constantly because of the 30 hours of music playback a single charge provides.

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Philips GoGear Muse 8 GB MP3 Player


Philips always managed to create high quality mp3 players with the proper options destined to deliver clear sounds as your favourite music plays. To this extent the GoGear Muse 8 GB mp3 player, the silver version makes no exception. The model includes the FullSoundTM for CD like quality music and also the highly acclaimed Surround system for movies. The sound-isolation headphones set the context for the absolute best audio experience. You have the possibility to manage all the options and capabilities of the model due to the presence of the advanced 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen which places this device among the best mp3 players in 2015.


Sony NWZE463BLUE Walkman MP3 Player


Sony’s technical expertise in creating high quality mp3 players is without a doubt one of the best. To this extent, the NWZE463BLUE model makes no exception. With a solid structure and bearing Sony’s audio quality system, the NWZE463BLUE can play music with ease, video & photo and even radio stations. Furthermore, you have the possibility to make changes at the touch of a button. You will be amazed once you see the beautiful 2” QVGA (320×240 display) color LCD. This is the reason why the majority of users place the model among the present best mp3 players in 2015.