Best portable DVD player reviews

Best portable DVD player reviews


Top rated portable DVD players in 2015


Everyone loves watching movies and for this reason there is a continuous search for high quality portable DVD players that maintain a great cinematic experience. The portable DVD player allows the user to watch movies, TV-shows, concerts or documentaries everywhere he goes. Due to the growing demand from people, the market offers a large variety of models with various features that can enhance the viewing pleasure of the owner. To this extent it is important to have the proper set of information the basic structure and functionality of each of the top products in order to find the one suited to your needs. The best way to accomplish this feat is by reading the present top rated portable DVD player reviews that can offer a meaningful insight on the advantages and disadvantages of the respective models.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Single – Dual Price Inches Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Sony DVP-FX970

Single $$$$ 9 inch 2.3 lbs A+ AMAZON

Philips PD7016/37

Dual $$$ 7 inch 2.6 lbs B+ AMAZON

Philips PD9016/37

Dual $$$ 9 inch 7 lbs B AMAZON

Philips PD9000

Single $$ 9 inch 2.8 lbs B+ AMAZON

Sony DVP-FX750

Single $$ 7 inch 1.8 lbs B+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Sylvania SDVD1048-2 Portable DVD Player


Long trips can be awfully boring making you turn to the help of music or movies. Based on the best portable DVD players reviews this product strengths are its 10 inches screen able to rotate, long life battery and car mounting kit. Besides DVD formats you can use a SD card or USB in order to enjoy the ride. It has small dimensions, including weight (under 4 pounds) and a car bag for simple transport or storage. Its equipment includes a remote control, 2 earphones and one earphone splitter in case you are not alone. Are you ready for 5 hours of action?

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Sony DVP-FX970 9-inch portable DVD player


best portable DVD players 2015With a modern and clean aspect, Sony DVP-FX970 is one of the best portable DVD players 2015, known for its clear 9” inch high resolution that displays anything you might want to see in style. This device has a 6-hour rechargeable battery that allows you to see with ease movies, clips, listen to music or enjoy an interesting documentary. In addition to this HQ basic built, Sony DVP-FX970 has a Stereo Virtual Dolby Surround audio system that provides a subtle audio experience matching the visual one. Son DVP-FX970 has delicate touch key controls on bezel that allows the user to control the device with great ease.

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Philips PD7016/37 7-inch portable LCD Dual DVD Player


top rated portable DVD player reviews Everyone knows that Philips delivers only high quality with all their products. To this extent Philips PD7019/37 portable LCD dual DVD player makes no exception, reuniting efficiency and professionalism in its basic design and extended audio and visual features. This 7” TFT LCD DVD player is ideal in delivering sharp images from the movies, documentaries, concerts or TV-shows you are watching. The model is compatible with format discs DVD+/-R, DVD+/-RW, SVCD and also CD. Bringing to life your favourite characters in vibrant colours and clearness, it comes as no surprise to see the Philips PD7016/37 model among the current best portable DVD player 2015.

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Philips PD9000 9” Portable DVD Player


Most of today’s top rated portable DVD player reviews underline the great features of the Philips PD9000 9-inch display model in delivering clear images correlated with a heighten audio experience. This portable DVD Player allows you to enjoy movies anytime and anywhere you want without any restrictions at all. The model can indulge you around 5 hours of DVD/DivX/MPEG movies, MP3-CD/Cd music or simply see photos, images which is quite impressive. Philips PD9000 9” TFT LCD is ideal people that are out of the house most of the day but need to kill off some spare time with a great movie.

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Philips PD9016/37 9-inch portable LCD Dual DVD player


Considered by thousands of satisfied users and technicians as one of the best portable DVD player 2015, Philips PD9016/37 model features two 9 and 34 widescreen LCD displays that can be mounted on the headrests. You just need to mount the LCD screens on the back of the front headrests thus creating a special entertainment system right in your car. Philips PD9016/37 portable LCD dual DVD player permits the visualisation of movies, images or clips anytime and everywhere you want. The current version of the player is compatible with most DVD and CD formats like DVD+/-R, DVD+/RW, MP3-CD, CD-RW and also SVCD.

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Sony DVP-FX750 7-inch portable DVD player


Sony is known for the professionalism and attention to details embedded in all of its products. To this extent DVP-FX750 portable DVD player with a 7-inch widescreen monitor that allows you to enjoy a complete visual and audio experience without blurry images or fuzzy noises. Sony DVP-FX750 includes a car adapter that makes sure that the device is active no matter how long the trip is. The model is compatible with most of the DVD and CD format thus expanding the opportunities to enjoy movies, music, concerts or documentaries everywhere you want. Sony has a 3-hour rechargeable battery. This is the reason why Sony DVP-FX750 received such high marks from the current top rated portable DVD players reviews.

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