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Today, a growing number of American families want to create a space of relaxation, comfort and tranquility in their homes. There are many furniture sets from which people can choose and implicitly make their home a suitable place to live in and comfortable one at that. According to the current statistics and online surveys it seems that more and more people want a recliner in their homes. This piece of furniture comes in the form of an armchair or sofa that has the feature of being reclined when the occupant lowers the chair back and raises with ease the front side. To this extent seeing so many people are now searching for the best recliners in 2015, furniture capable of delivering moments of relaxation and comfort.
Given the present situation it can be hard to find a great model given the wide array of products, currently available on the market. Still, with right information gathered from the current top rated recliner reviews, written by interior designers and thousands of satisfied buyers, you will be able to find the model best suited to your day to day needs. A high quality and professionally designed recliner will allow the user to relax and take comfort in a great position every time he pleases to.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Colors Available Price Dimensions Material Our Rating Get more info

Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG

Black, Dark Brown $$$$ 43 x 66 x 39 inch Leather A+ Full review

Comfort Products 60-425111

Brown $$$ 52.8 x 28.5 x 35.2 inch Comfortsoft upholstery A Full review

Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG

Black, Brown, Cream and more $$ 27.2 x 39 x 37.5 inch Leather B+ AMAZON

Maytex Collin Stretch

Moss, Gold, Blue and more $$ 42 x 26 x 36 inch Slipcover B AMAZON

ACME Arcadia 00632

Oakwood Chocolate and Light Brown Microfiber $$$ 38 x 35 x 40 inch Microfiber upholstery C AMAZON


Our Top Choices



Flash Furniture MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG


best reclinerA growing number of the latest top rated recliner reviews emphasize on the great functionality and modern design of the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG model from Flash Furniture. This sofa recliner has a 43-inch width by 40 66-inch depth and 39-inch height making it ideal for placement everywhere around the house. Made out of brown LeatherSoft upholstery, this sofa from Flash Furniture has a precise lever recliner which allows the user to control with ease the particularities of the model. This is the reason why so many people consider the MEN-DA3439-91-BRN-GG from Flash Furniture as one of the best models.

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Comfort Products 60-425111


A growing number of the current top rated recliner reviews, written with attention by technicians and specialists in the field, underline the solid structure of Comfort Products 60-425111 model. The model comes equipped with 8 vibration massage motors that relax the upper back, mid back and also calves with precision. You have the possibility to select independently the areas suited for massage out of the 9 pre-programmed modes and the 5 intensity levels that deliver good results. Furthermore the Comfort Products 60-425111 comes with a soothing heat treatment for the lumbar area.

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Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG


Considered with solid technical arguments as the best recliner in 2015, BT-7862-BK-GG model from Flash Furniture represents a great addition to any home. The BT-7862-BK-GG furniture set comes with a comfortable recliner and an ottoman set that brings about a touch of elegance anywhere it is placed. With a high quality overstuffed padded chair and a carefully designed ottoman, you will be able to relax and rejoice in a comfortable furniture set, always worth using in the intimacy of your home.

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Maytex Collin Stretch 4PC


Everyone knows full well that Maytex Mill creates high quality recliners, designed using vast technical expertise. To this extent the Collin Stretch model makes no exception, reuniting the qualities of a comfortable and relaxing sofa. The Maytex Collin Stretch has 4 pieces of semi-custom fit furniture settings that allow the user to be extremely comfortable. Furthermore the model has elastic corners and also comes with distinct cushion cover, needed in various occasions. This is the reason why people consider the model as the best recliner in 2015 for its high quality and solid structure.

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ACME Arcadia 00632


More and more men and women consider the ACME 00632 model as the best recliner in 2015, due to its attractive design and comfortable set of features. This chair from ACME is ideal to be used in small rooms and represents a great addition to any home. The model has sturdy hardwood frames and arm rests and a carefully implemented stain-resistant microfiber upholstery that brings about a touch of elegance to the surface. The ACME 00632 has a side knob which permits the user to lower the seat back and a precise pull lever designed for footrest extension.

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