Best Recumbent exercise bike reviews

Best Recumbent exercise bike reviews


Top rated recumbent exercise bikes in 2015


These days, people are searching for convenient and professional methods of losing weight or simply doing some exercises without going to the gym. It comes as no surprise, given the perils that sometimes lurk outside, you might consider searching  for a product able to work in the comfort of your own home. This is the reason why men and women, in growing numbers each year are very fond of the recumbent bike. Reading top rated recumbent exercise bike reviews will help you  understand which product, from the ones currently available on the market, can deliver the best results and help you improve your muscle tone and general strength.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Weight Capacity Price Monitor Dimensions Customer Rating Where to buy

Diamondback 510Sr

300 lbs $$$$ LCD 50 x 23 x 64 inch A+ AMAZON

Schwinn AC Performance

300 lbs $$$$$ No 43 x 20 x 48 inch B AMAZON

Velocity CHB-RGK862R

250 lbs $$$ LCD 51 x 25 x 50 inch B+ AMAZON

Nautilus R514c

300 lbs $$ LCD 63 x 25 x 46 inch C AMAZON

Velocity CHB-R2003

250 lbs $$ LCD 59 x 36 x 25 inch B AMAZON


Our Top Choices


Diamondback 510Sr Recumbent Exercise Bike


Many buyers included this model among the best recumbent exercise bikes in 2015. The 20 workout programs and the 16 levels of resistance help you improve your health or recover after injuries. You will be able to keep track of your selections and heart rate thanks to the LCD display. The cooling fan and water bottle support help you maintain a comfortable body temperature. It can function only in one way, quietly. Besides, you can connect your mp3 player directly to the bike. Don’t worry if you enjoy it and become too fast because the frame and brake have a lifetime warranty.

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Schwinn AC Performance Plus Indoor Cycle


Hailed as a premier manufacturer of quality bicycles since 1895, the makers of this bike made sure that the same quality is delivered here. Backed with a wonderful functionality and allowing you to conveniently work out in the comfort of your home, the Schwinn AC Performance plus Indoor Cycle offers amazing features. Its parts are made of aluminum for uttermost quality, modernity and durability. Parts include frame, seat slider, handle bars for easy set-up and adjustment, 6-magnet brake system for  constant, maintenance-free resistance levels. Aside from ease of use and effective workouts, this is also convenient to move around anywhere you like because this model is lighter than those that are made with steel, without sacrificing the quality, of course.

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FitDesk FDX Desk Exercise Bike


The Best recumbent exercise bikes reviews have brought a lot of notoriety to this product. What distinguishes it from others is the sliding desk platform that allows you to have access to your laptop, tablet, book or magazine while you are burning the extra calories. In addition, if you want to tone your muscles faster you can adjust the seat for an upright position.  The resistance bands are perfect for those who want to get rid of flabby arms. Due to the massage rollers the hand muscles will benefit from full relaxation. Now you cannot use work as excuse not to exercise.

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Schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike


Everybody is aware of the professionalism and expertise that the Schwinn models deliver when it comes to recumbent bikes and their ability to help people exercise. The Schwinn 250 recumbent exercise bike is a high quality device that through its advanced set of components like the large backlit LCD with many color patterns and an MP3 music input port, enhances the quality of the whole experience. With a 2 speed fan and an advanced water bottle container and mobile structure, you have the proper tools to only experience  good results every time you start the exercise program.

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Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike


Numerous comments from the best recumbent exercise bikes reviews prove how wonderful the Velocity Exercise Dual Motion Recumbent Bike is. This unit has a 5-Kg flywheel which is one way bearing belt driven, and an 8-level tension control. In addition, it has a computer screen that displays time, speed and distance, calories burned and pulse. I love this feature because it allows me to record my stats for the purpose of improvement. I love how it can relieve tension on my vital upper body parts, such as back, neck and shoulders while providing an excellent lower body exercise. If you are really serious about getting fit and healthy without worrying about excessive muscle stress, this model is the best for you.

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Nautilus R514c Recumbent exercise bike


top rated recumbent exercise bike reviewsOut of the many top rated recumbent exercise bike reviews it seems that some of the most favorable were about the Nautilus R514c recumbent exercise model. The Nautilus R514c has 16 resistance levels, a 20-pound flywheel, 7 profile courses, 2 programmable user profiles and also carefully designed  programs which make any workout adjustable to your desires and physical needs. Furthermore, the Nautilus R514c exercise bike comes with a 4 polar heart rate program with telemetry that helps you to keep track of the evolution of the workout, information which can be used to make positive changes in your lifestyle.

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Stamina 4825 recumbent exercise bike


People want to be healthy and physically potent every day and, to this extent they need a device which allows them to exercises right in the comfort of their home. The Stamina 4825 recumbent exercise bike allows men and women to go through a professional and efficient workout session. The model has a silent magnetic resistance system that can enhance the body’s metabolism which in common terms translates into a reliable method to burn off extra fat cells from the body. With a semi-inclined position, the Stamina 4825 exercise bike allows the user to work out all the major muscle groups.

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Velocity fitness magnetic recumbent exercise bike


Currently, it seems that the best recumbent exercise bike in 2015 is the Velocity fitness magnetic recumbent model, known for its positive effects on the muscle groups of the body. Working out with the Velocity exercise bike will help an individual develop a stronger body and increase the mass of all his muscle groups. Equipped with the Drum Magnetic control system which can adjust to obtain new challenges during the session and the user friendly LCD display, the Velocity model allows you to control all the programs and phases of the exercise, thus setting the context for very good results.

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Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise bike


Best Recumbent exercise bike in 2015

Considered by many specialists as the best recumbent exercise bike in 2015, in terms of quality and efficiency, the Schwinn 240 recumbent exercise model is very popular in the United States and also Canada. This exercise bike is perfect for anyone who wants to go through a solid and efficient work-out. Coming with 16 resistance levels and a 20-pound flywheel, the Schwinn 240 bike can strengthen the muscle groups of the legs, lower abdomen and also of the lower back. The advanced seated system, a padded ergonomic seat and a dual position lumbar support, enables you to exercise in a comfortable manner.