Best skateboard reviews

Best skateboard reviews


Top rated skateboards in 2014


Skateboarding is sport that comes with passion and excitement starting from a young age and evolves through adolescence. If you are balanced and fairly athletic or just want to learn how to have a lot of fun then you need to find a nice skateboard. Still, it can be pretty challenging to learn how to skateboard but with the right tool and a good passionate drive the objective can be accomplished. Information is essential towards finding the product suited to your physical characteristics due to the presence of multiple models currently available on the market. In order to identify a good skateboard, applicable to your sportive force, it is recommended that you read the current top rated skateboard reviews which can show which product is best for your developing abilities.

Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Wheels Deck Construction Customer Rating Where to buy

Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark

27.7 x 8.8 inch $$$ 65mm road rider 78a 7-Ply A+ AMAZON

Stereo Vinyl Cruiser

22.5 x 6 inch $$ 59mm soft 78a durmometer Molded plastic A AMAZON

Positiv Team Complete

32 x 8 inch $$ 54mm 99a Concave wood B+ AMAZON

Punisher Cherry Blossom

31 x 7.5 inch $$ 54x36mm PU ivory  Canadian maple B AMAZON

Element Thriftwood

31.5 x 7.5 inch $$ 52mm Section Black B+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices 


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards


 top rated skateboard reviewsIf you want only what is best and you are in to skateboarding than you must have a POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard. They are used by proffesionals in pro events giving no doubts about their high quality and durability. You can choose from which type of wood your board will be made, either from birch or from maple. The wood layers are put toghether with waterproof glue so they stick to one another no matter the weather. All these top features prove that the POSITIV Team Complete boards are one of the top rated skateboards in the world at this moment.

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Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard


With an eye-catching design the Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard impresses from the very beginning. The deck is made out of high quality canadian maple wood, making it very resistant and stable at high speeds. The wheels are made from PU Ivory and have a very good grip on different kind of surfaces. Once you are on the Cherry Blossom you will turn heads to its striking design and great performances. This board is great for advanced experts but it is also good for beginners who want to learn this superb sport.

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Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Plastic Complete Skateboard


If you want a simple but innovative designed skateboard, than I recommend to you the Stereo Vinyl Cruiser Skateboard who has looks to kill. The deck is made out of reinforced injection molded plastic that has traction grooves. You have 8 different color patterns to choose from which guarantee style. The 59mm wheels offer great grip and are of a different color than the deck. As an added bonus you get a free pair of matching Stereo sunglasses. A good preformance and nice looking board made out of high quality plastic that you can enjoy for hours and hours every day.

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Santa Cruz Skate Land Shark Sk8 Powerply Complete Skateboard


 The Santa Cruz Shark is considered one of the best skateboards in 2014 because of its astonishing looks and top class performances. It has an innovative concave cruiser shape and awsome shark graphics that impresses immediately. The 65mm Road Rider wheels provide extra grip and ensure that you reach high speeds very fast. The deck`s shape makes it perfect for hills or tricks, transforming this board in to an instant favorite for experienced riders. Every last detail that comes in to this board is carefully made and gives the Land Shark top marks for performance and design.

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Element Thriftwood section black complete skateboard


It can be pretty hard to find the proper skateboard for your child given the fact that some models don’t have anything special. Once you come across Element Thriftwood section black complete skateboard you will understand why this model is ideal for you or your child. With a modern and stylish design and a deck size of 7.5” x 31.5”, Element Thriftwood skateboard will transform into a tool of joy and excitement every time it is used. Due to the unique construction technology of Thriftwood, the user will have greater control during the play and will not experience any unwanted problems. This is the reason why most of the present top rated skateboard reviews offer high marks to the Element Thriftwood model.

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Zero 3 Skull Blood complete skateboard


Top rated skateboard reviews place the Zero 3 Skull Blood complete model among the very best today, growing in popularity with each passing month. With a unique design that brings forth confidence and a new road towards fun and excitement, Zero 3 Skull Blood white version has a structure of 7.75-inch that people simply love. This skateboard is the ideal gift for youngsters that want to learn how to play and push the limits and achieve new levels of fun worth sharing with friends.

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Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard


 Best skateboards 2014One extremely practiced sport by teens these days is skateboarding and if you like it too, a quality board is essential. The Powell Golden Dragon fits this description perfectly. The design is very nice with a red dragon painted on its underside. The wheels are hand-cast and made from polyurethane, giving the board extra grip and a great and smooth roll. The bord is excellent for beginners but it is good too for experienced riders. Good performances mean that the Golden Dragon deserves its name and can be a fantastic board for you.

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Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard


You obviously know that Airwalk sponsored skaters like Jason Lee and Tony Hawk and thus the level of quality of their products can’t be contested. To this extent Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard has a 31 inches long deck long by 7.75 inches wide constructed out of the 7-ply Canadian maple for a longer life span. Airwalk has a solid 53-millimeter polyurethane wheels that allow you to control better the board irrespective of the terrain. Furthermore the metallic dip paint ensures that Airwalk has a stylish look. As one of the best skateboards 2014 Airwalk Uncontested Skateboard is recommended for ages of 16 and up.

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Airwalk Unraveled Skateboard


Placed with confidence by professional skaters among the best skateboard 2014, Airwalk Unraveled skateboard is the best instrument to enhance the quality of your tricks. This model is ideal for street riding, combining in an innovative manner a classic double-kicktail design with a sturdy deep concave shape. Furthermore Airwalk Unraveled skateboard has a deck made out of 9-ply maple which was heat-pressed with solid Flex glue. On the deck of the model you will find a pair 5-inch Soul Grind aluminum trucks suitable for enhanced mobility on the 50 millimeter cast polyurethane wheels.

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Element 20 year Quadrant Twig complete skateboard


Considered by thousands of satisfied users as one of the best skateboards 2014, Element 20 year Quadrant Twig model has a beautiful design that allows you to be appreciated everywhere you go with it. This 7.37 Tw complete skateboard has a 7.37 inches wide structure and a compact set of elements that allow the user to reach new levels of skill. Within a short period of time Element 20 year Quadrant Twig skateboard will help you to gradually better at the sport due to the stabilization wheels of the model that induce greater control during any stunt you might perform.