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Top rated sound bars in 2016


Every family in the United States of America has a television set, a laptop or a notebook that requires an additional audio boost. This is the reason more and more people are now searching for a professional, high quality audio device that can provide sound clarity and power. In order to increase the whole cinematic experience it is important to have a solid and reliable sound bar. This is why it comes as no surprise to see so many men and women today searching for the best sound bar in 2016. To help them, we’ve created a complete buying guide.


What to look for when buying a sound bar – Professional buying guide


HDTVs, while they are so good when it comes to visual performance, they are not so impressive when it comes to sound, even if they have some pretty good integrated speakers. If for financial reasons or for space reasons you can’t purchase a surround sound system, don’t despair. There is a cheaper alternative which represents the next best thing to high quality surround sound while still maintaining a low price tag that almost anyone can afford.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Subwoofer Price Total output wattage Channels Our Rating Where to buy

Sony HTCT380

Wireless $$$$$ 300 2.1 A+ AMAZON

LG Electronics LAS551H

Wireless $$$$ 320 2.1 B+ AMAZON


No $$ 2.0 A AMAZON

Samsung HW-J355

Wireless $$$ 120 2.1 C+ AMAZON

Sony HTCT260H

Wireless $$$$ 300 2.1 B AMAZON


The following lines will describe shortly what  certain features you need to look for when trying to buy a top sound bar. A sound bar uses a special kind of sound technology which mimics the real surround sound. Only professionals can really separate between the two, while most customers actually don’t have that ability. Don’t worry about setting it up because the long slim design is very easy to fit under or over the HDTV with some specially designed brackets that are cheap to get. You can set it up wherever you think it will deliver the best sound quality for your room. Aside from the integrated speakers, you should look for an integrated subwoofer as well for a deeper base sound.The subwoofer can be separated from the sound bar’s  main body as well.

More expensive models are fitted with Bluetooth or Wi-Fi so you have simple connectivity options with your smart phone, tablet or other wireless devices which you may own.

A sound bar is the best option when you have to deal with space problems or money problems which don’t allow you to get a surround system. Another great thing you can do when planning to get a sound bar is to read a few reviews and  even some customer reports in order to see the limitations of certain models.


Top bestsellers in 2016 


Sony HTCT380 Sound Bar


Best Sound BarIf you’re searching for a top rated piece of equipment that can enhance your listening experience, the Sony HTCT380 300W 2.1 Sound Bar is made just for you. This 300W 2.1 channel sound bar is equipped with a wireless subwoofer, which delivers remarkable reproduction of low frequencies for exquisite power handling and clarity. The Sony HTCT380 comes with easy setup via the three HDMI in and one out plus ARC support, for remarkable connectivity. The unit ensures wireless music streaming through NFC connections and Bluetooth. Engineered with Dolby TrueHD and dots-HD Master Audio format support, the Sony HTCT380 is a consistently full-range speaker engineered with a unique diffuser for immersive sound.


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LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar


2. LG Electronics LAS551HThe LG Electronics LAS551H Sound Bar is a new member of the sound bar equipment market yet delivers the same awesome performance as its older counterparts. The sound bar is engineered to provide 2.1 channel audio that takes your home entertainment experience several notches higher. Enjoy your music, TV shows and movies beyond ordinary traditional stereo by maximizing the added bass kick of the integrated dedicated subwoofer, giving the system higher audio power. The Bluetooth capability of the LG Electronics LAS551H lets you stream music wirelessly and directly from a smartphone and other supported device to ensure a seamless listening experience.


Buy from for ($267.99)




Vizio SB2920-C6 Sound Bar


3. VIZIO SB2920-C6For serious audiophiles who want an affordable means of enjoying listening entertainment, the Vizio SB2920-C6 29-Inch 2.0 Channel Sound Bar is definitely great news. This single piece of gear is able to fill the room with crystal clear sound rated at 95 decibels and with amazingly less than 1% total harmonic distortion even at the loudest volume. The integrated Bluetooth capability eliminates the clutter of wires while enabling you to enjoy your music with a simple finger press of a button. Enjoy an easy upgrade that easily boosts sound with an exceptional punch. The soundbar delivers premium audio quality with revolutionary DTS Studio Sound, DTS TruSurround and DTS Tru Volume.


Buy from for ($68.95)




Samsung HW-J355 Soundbar


4. Samsung HW-J355Outfitted with a 5.25-inch subwoofer, the Samsung HW-J355 2.1 Channel Audio Soundbar delivers full dynamic bass for an awesome listening experience. It also offers the convenience of Bluetooth that allows you to connect it wirelessly to a compatible Samsung TV via TV Sound Connect, so you can switch the soundbar on and then stream music from the PC, a tablet or a smart phone. The soundbar even allows you to control its settings using your mobile device, thanks to the included Samsung Audio Remote app. The soundbar offers easy placement in your home entertainment center and can even be mounted on a wall to save on floor space.


Buy from for ($127.99)




Sony HT-CT150 Sound Bar System


Sony HT-CT150The majority of the present top rated sound bar reviews coming from thousands of buyers located in various places around the world, underline the modern design and strong functionality of Sony’s HT-CT150 model, a product very appreciated on the North American continent. This 3D sound bar provides immersive and accurate audio across the room without running wires or setting up extra speakers. The whole 3D entertainment experience is complete once you install the Sony HT-CT150 on your home theater system without any problems or restrictions.


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Sony HTCT260H Sound Bar


Sony HTCT260HSony HTCT260H Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer features the latest in Sony’s innovative technology. With the high end entertainment quality and remarkable audio capabilities, this unit will make your home feel like a cinema. Specifically, what enhances this feature is its Dolby Digital Pro Logic 2 and its dts Digital Surround. It’s just amazing how you can get all these in a really convenient way, without having to worry about wires and compatibility issues you may have with other gadgets. Sony’s HTCT260H Sound Bar uses wireless technology and can easily be connected to your smartphone, PC, tablet or just about any Bluetooth capable device.

“I bought this sound bar because it came with an external subwoofer which makes movie watching or game playing that much better for me. The fact that it didn’t cost me that much also played a very important part in my decision.” – Eddy Walker


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Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System


Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar SystemWith the latest Speaker Bar System, the Pioneer SP-SB23W Andrew Jones Soundbar System will certainly meet the requirements of modern audio technology. Aside from the fact that this speaker was crafted by Andrew Jones who is well-known for his speaker designs, this unit also incorporates an exceptional stereo imaging and an improved dynamic range. Its composite wood structure makes this unit more precise. This soundbar system is composed of six individual speakers that are controlled by their own amplifiers and are built with active digital crossover networks. According to the majority of buyers who posted on best sound bars reviews, this soundbar system is one of the few that enables them to experience an innovative and realistic sound that matches the quality of today’s modern technology.

“I knew Pioneer were a top brand when it came to sound systems so this was one of the reasons which counted when I went ahead and purchased this sound bar. The six individual speakers plus the subwoofer really make the difference when it comes to high quality sound. The solid performance makes me recommend it.” – Anthony Edwards


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Yamaha YAS-152BL Front Surround System


Purchasing the Yamaha YAS-152BL sound bar will mean you will have access to excellent surround sound quality for your movies or any of the programs that you love to watch. If you have a smart phone or a tablet you can play music directly off of them thanks to the Bluetooth capability of the Yamaha YAS-152BL. Aside from its 2 speakers this sound bar is also equipped with a powerful subwoofer.

“The superior sound quality that I have with the Yamaha YAS-152BL sound bar is something special. For a much cheaper price I have surround sound so I believe I have made a very smart deal at the end of the day. I recommend getting this sound bar for its excellent performance.” – Rick Moore


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Samsung HW-E450 Sound Bar



Samsung HW-E450When it comes to quality and efficiency, Samsung products are always mentioned as highly efficient. Because of that it is not surprising to see the HW-E450 model being considered the best sound bar in 2016. The model has a slim design which is compatible with any 40-inch TV. You should also know that the Samsung HW-E450 sound bar has a wireless connectivity option which takes  any uncomfortable wires out of the picture . Furthermore Samsung’s HW-E450 has a built-in subwoofer that delivers extra audio clarity.


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Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar


A growing number of the latest best sound bar reviews emphasize on the precise functionality of the Sony HTCT260 model, a product very appreciated in the US and also Canada. This device has a 2.1 channel design with 85W x 2 and also 130W power that delivers accurate audio stability. One unique particularity of Sony’s HTCT260 is the wireless subwoofer which you can place anywhere in the room. Furthermore, this model from Sony comes equipped with the S-Force pro front surround sound system that delivers clear audio. As far as connectivity goes, this device is HDMI compatible.


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VIZIO VSB200 Sound Bar



VIZIO VSB200Most of the current top rated sound bar reviews mention the functionality and efficiency of the Vizio VSB200, while also underlining its positive response, even though it was released a few years ago. The VSB200 model from Vizio has a high-performance 32-bit and 150MHz audio engine that never fails in delivering quality sounds. Furthermore Vizio’s VSB200 comes equipped with an impressive sound pressure level that measure 98dB SPL max 1 M and also an advanced 24-bit linear PCM to PWM engine. The Vizio VSB200 also comes with the precise SRS TruSurround high definition virtual surround system.


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Philips CSS2123B/F7


As the best sound bar in 2016 when it comes to  quality and functionality, the Philips CSS2123B/F7 model allows you to enjoy a full cinematic experience without restrictions of any kind. Connected to your television, tablet or even smartphone this sound bar allows you to complete the general audio experience. The surround sound technology embedded in the Philips CSS2123B/F7 delivers stunning audio and the DoubleBASS creates the deepest bass tonality. The basic audio package of the Philips CSS2123B/F7 includes a sound bar and also a precise subwoofer.


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Products which are no longer available


LG Electronics NB2530A Sound Bar System


You can have quality sound in your house besides that coming from your HDTV, with the help of LG’s  NB2530A. The 100W amplifier combined with the integrated dual upward facing subwoofers will deliver amazing sound quality while still managing to stay affordable for most people. It is also equipped with 2 optical inputs so you are able to easily connect it to other devices in your home.

“The LG NB2530A has been to my satisfaction in the time I have had it. It delivers excellent sound quality, which makes every movie that I watch that much better. Reading reviews paid off in the end and I really believe I made the best choice for me.” – Sam Wright