Best Tablet Reviews

Best Tablet Reviews


Top rated tablets in 2015


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Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Size Price Storage Weight Customer Rating Where to buy

Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A

9.7″ $$$$ 16GB 1 lbs AMAZON

Google Nexus

7″ $$$ 16GB 0.64 lbs B+ AMAZON

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

7″ $$$ 8GB 0.66 lbs B+ AMAZON

Blackberry Playbook

7″ $$ 32GB 0.9 lbs B+ AMAZON

Lenovo Ideapad

7″ $$ 16GB 0.9 lbs B AMAZON


How to choose a good tablet – Professional Buying guide


samstabTablets these days are more like a necessity, giving you access to a lot of different applications and having a lot of entertaining features, which make long trips seem less boring. But in order for you to purchase the right one, you need to look at your financial capabilities, pinpoint the features you want the tablet to have and once you have figured this out, you need to read some customer reports about the model you have decided on.

Firstly, you need to look at its operating systems and see if it fits the expectations you have from one. The ones you can choose from are: Apple iOS, Android or Windows. Look carefully at their strong points and weaknesses and see which one would suit you best. iOS and Android offer the most complete package of features, however if you want to buy a cheaper tablet, Windows can prove to be reliable as well.  Next you have to decide on the screen you want, either the cheaper 7 inch models or the more expensive 10 inch ones. The type of processor and RAM memory are also two very important factors which will determine how well certain applications will run.  This will establish the quality of the picture whether HD or Full HD. Then come the accessories, like for instance the camera or cameras in some cases, which can offer you advantages like having a Skype conversation from your tablet.

The main things you need to look out for when buying a tablet have been briefly presented. Now it is up to you to make sure you get yourself the right tablet. Also consider reviews as a valuable source of information, so you can discover the pros and cons of each model. We really hope you truly enjoy the new tablet that you have decided to purchase for yourself.

Currently tablets are very popular around the world, ideal for young and adult people alike. This is the reason why prices on the best tablets have recently registered a significant drop due to the appearance of a high number of products. Now you have the possibility to buy a high quality tablet at the price below $200 which is something special. Tablets are a great way to surf the internet, play games, watch movies, share photography and many other activities that simply enhance the multimedia experience everywhere you might be. With the proper information, you will be able to find a table that reflects your personality and is in tune with your needs. To this extent, it is important to read the current top rated tablet reviews and thus the best tablet will be yours.


Our Top Choices


ASUS MeMO Pad FHD 10 ME302C-B1-BLTablet


The best tablets reviews recognize this product as a huge ASUS success. Large display, big resolution, internal memory of 2 GB and micro SD card option are great features that introduce you to new experiences. It is perfect for long travels thanks to the long lasting battery, up to 10 hours. The two cameras, front and back, can capture incredible moments of your life in pictures or videos. It is also equipped with a micro USB input and cable. It has a fast intel processor and high touch sensitivity. The elegant design, small thickness and weight of the product are the other reasons for loving it.

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Lenovo Yoga Multimode Tablet

Lenovo has entered the competition of  the best tablets in 2015 with this amazing device and soon you will understand why. Due to the innovative design you can adjust its angle for a perfect view without having to change your position. Another advantage of this purchase is the battery which guarantees you up to 18 hours of action. Your music will be treated royally by the Dolby Digital Plus enhancement and performed by the front speakers. Although it has a 16 GB Flash Memory you can double your storage using a micro SD card. You can also benefit from Bluetooth and WiFi.

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Apple iPad Air MD788LL/A


applepadWhen you see a product from Apple you know that means the best quality on the market and this is exactly what the iPad Air MD788LL/A delivers to you. It dazzles you with its smooth operating iOS 7 system and with its high resolution 9.7 inch display screen. The camera will not only take some top quality pictures, it will also allow you to record Full HD videos which you can play on your HDTV, looking simply stunning. When you have the chance to have 10 hours of battery life then a whole world of possibilities opens up. These reasons and more make it a favorite of the best tablet reviews.

“I got to hand it to Apple they have really made something special through this iPad model. Since I have it I enjoy a huge number of possibilities, running every application, every movie smoothly. I don’t know which feature to single out because I like everything about it.” – John Mitchell

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3With Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS and 1.2 GHz dual-core processor among its improved and innovative features, the Samsung Galaxy Tab3 is better than ever. It contains 8 GB Flash Memory and 1 GB RAM Memory which are more than enough to save all my music, videos, photos, apps and basically all the types of files that I need. More than that, it has 64GB of memory available through microSD and 50GB of free Dropbox storage, which is considered a primary software of sharing files over the internet today. This is also my favorite because it has a camera that has 3MP (rear-facing) and 1.3MP (front-facing).

“I recommend getting the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 for its well balanced performances and its very smooth operation. I love the Android Jelly Bean operating system which is so easy to use and allows me to costumize the interface to my liking.” – Jessica Wall

Google Nexus 7 Tablet


Google Nexus 7 TabletWhat sets this tablet apart, according to the best tablets reviews, is its Built-in wireless charging capacity. I couldn’t agree more to that. The Google Nexus 7 Tablet has made my internet and file saving and sharing activities easier due to it being powered by the latest version of Android 4.3. Its quad-core speed and performance is also what I like best, plus a 2GB RAM to save all that I need in my handy tablet. Its long-lasting battery lets me enjoy my tablet to the fullest with almost 9 hours of active use. It’s just amazing how a thin, handy and portable tablet that I can bring anywhere can comprise all these amazing attributes.

“While a lot of people spend ridiculous sums of money on tablets I opted for the Google Nexus 7 because it had everything I wanted from one, its performances being enough for me. The battery life is incredible and helps me enjoy even the longest boring trips.” ­– Adam Carson

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Blackberry Playbook 7-inch tablet


best tablets 2015Everyone is aware of the effectiveness and quality of the Blackberry products and the Playbook 7-inch tablet makes no exception, allowing the user to enjoy a multimedia wonder. With an 16GB internal memory, the Playbook tablet has a beautiful black design with a stable operating system and extremely few crashes or any type of glitches. The tablet has HDMI outputs which can be used to connect other media devices such as TV, notebooks etc. Furthermore, Blackberry Playbook 7-inch tablet has 2 cameras both front and rare facing thus enabling you to hold chat calls. These features justify placing this model among the current best tablets in 2015.

“I have my own Blackberry Playbook for quite some time now and it has proven to me in this time that it is a very well balanced tablet which has a nice design and ensures a wide range of options. The fact that it has 2 cameras was what I was looking for, because I Skype a lot with my friends.” – Robert Franklyn

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Kindle Fire Multi-touch tablet


top rated tablet reviewsReceiving great marks from the present top rated tablet reviews, the Kindle Fire is one of the most loved products currently available on the market. The Kindle Fire tablet allows you to stream over 20 million movies, TV shows, magazines and books, available in a beautiful format and clarity in display every time you turn it on. The device has thousands of applications and games that expand your experience through the 7” vibrant color touchscreen with 16 million colours in high resolution. Furthermore, Kindle uses the In-plane switching technology that is ideal for sharing your screen with other people which is something quite special.

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Le Pan TC 970 9.7-inch multi-touch LCD Google Android tablet


As one of the best tablets in 2015, the Le Pan TC 970 tablet has a slim and beautiful design with a subtle 9.7-inch display. Le Pan TC970 is equipped with the Android 2.2 OS (Froyo) and has the full support of the Adobe Flash Player 10.2 which is perfect for watching 720p high definition videos or playing various online games. With its light structure of just 1.6 pounds and an impressive 0.48 inches thin, the Le Pan feels very comfortable in your hands. Due to its integrated Google technology it allows you to access millions of Google mobile services every time you turn the device on.

“I know it is not the newest model from Kindle but I bought it anyway because for me it is still a reliable tablet. I stream movies easily, check my Facebook and Twitter accounts, surf the web and do many more other activities fast, without the touch screen freezing on me.” – Lisa O’Donnell

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Lenovo Ideapad A1 22282EU 7-inch tablet (black version)


Most of the current top rated tablet reviews underline the efficiency of the Lenovo Ideapad tablet which allows the user to enter a meaningful and clear multimedia dimension. Lenovo has a solid 7-inch LED display (1024 x 600) multi-touch display that allows you to control all the features of the device with ease and no problems at all. Furthermore, the tablet comes with a TI 3622 (Cortex-A8) 1GHz single-core processor, the Android 2.3 operating system, 512MB LP DDR memory and a solid 16GB SSD storage which is more than enough for movies, video clips or photos.

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Barnes & Noble Nook 7” 8GB WiFi tablet


Considered by thousands of people around the world as one of the best tablets in 2015,  the Nook tablet is one of the most beloved models due to the impressive VividViewTM 7”-inch touchscreen with 16 million ultra-bright colours. The tablet allows you to see high definition movies and your favourite TV-shows from Hulu Plus and many other sources and also listen to music from Netflix. The Barnes and Noble Nook tablet has a solid 8 GB of memory and an impressive battery life which allows you spend hours watching movies or reading books. One of the key features of this tablet is the speed with which it can go from application to application.

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