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For centuries people have studied the night sky, stars, galaxies and celestial bodies worth pursuing and observing. In order to see clearly the night sky it is important to have professional and efficient instruments capable of delivering detailed images. Astronomy is a field that is enjoyed by both young enthusiasts and adult passionate people. With the right telescope you will be able to stargaze for hours and enjoy magnificent views of our galaxy. Today, there are professional telescopes with the capacity to map out the sky easily and without any problems. Once you read the current top rated telescope reviews you will be able to pick out the model which best suits your needs and preferences.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Aperture Price Focal Length Optical Design Our Rating Where to buy

Celestron 127EQ

127mm $$$$ 1000mm Reflector A+ AMAZON

Celestron 21061 AstroMaster

70mm $$$$ 900mm Refractor A AMAZON

Celestron 21039 Powerseeker

50mm $$ 600mm Refractor B AMAZON

Celestron 21036 Powerseeker

70mm $$$ 700mm Refractor C AMAZON

Barska 40070 Starwatcher

70mm $$$ 400mm Refractor C+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices



Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope


best telescopeIf you want to look closely at the night sky you need a powerful telescope to give you nice images. One good telescope is the Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker which has the necessary features to make the night sky come to life. The 3x Borrow lens, 127 mm aperture and 1000 mm focal length ensure that the images which it produces are of high quality. You also get an aluminum tripod and accessory tray included so the telescope comes in a complete package. These qualitis make the 127EQ PowerSeeker a very good choice for an astronomy enthusiast.


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Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70AZ Refractor Telescope


Whether you are an astronomy enthusist or just like looking closely at the stars and planets of the night sky, the Celestron 21061 Telescope can help you in this matter. The set-up is very easy and you don`t even need a special type of tools for it. It has erect image optics that are perfect for both terrestrial and astromical use. Pointing it is simple too because of the pan handle and Alt-Az control that has also a clutch. So many benefits for such an affordable telescope, making it a perfect purchase if you are in to these sort of things.


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Celestron Powerseeker 21039 Refractor Telescope


Celestron PowerSeeker 50 AZProfessional astronomers and technicians consider the Celestron Powerseeker 50 refractor model as one of the best telescopes in 2016, known for its efficiency and ability to observe the sky with attention. The Celestron Powerseeker has a professional and compact optical design refractor with an aperture of 50 mm, focal length of 600 mm, F-number 12 and a finderscope of 5 x 24 which is more than enough to map out the sky without dealing with any kind of problems. The Celestron Powerseeker telescope is a great instrument for watching the universe with its stars, planets and other celestial bodies even though you are just starting out.


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Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ Telescope


Celestron 21036 PowerSeekerOne of the best telescopes in 2016 is the Celestron 21036 Powerseeker 70AZ model, renowned for its characteristics capable of helping the user watch the sky with ease and clarity. The package contains the Alt-Azimuth mount with customizable tripod, different kinds of eyepieces, a pro efficient 3x Barlow lens and also a solid 5 power cross hair finder scope which is more than enough to start your celestial journey. With the 20mm eyepiece you will enjoy detailed magnification of 35x, thus seeing up to five times better then regular binoculars. Furthermore, the model is light, portable and thus you can take it with you on camping trips or hiking.



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Barska 40070 Starwatcher Compact Refractor Telescope


The Barska 40070 Starwatcher is ideal for amateur astronomers, allowing them to follow the stars or planets with ease every time there is a cosmic event going on. This 300-power telescope is equipped with coated glass optics that provide increased image brightness and interchangeable eyepieces with 3 x Barlow lenses which enhances the viewing power. The Barska comes with the Deepsky Astronomy software that allows the user to search in a database of more than 10.000 objects which include nebulae, double-stars, stars and planets. This is the reason why the present top rated telescopes reviews underline the efficiency of the Barska 40070 Starwatcher.


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Meade 20218 NG-70SM Altazimuth Refractor telescope


The Meade 20218 NG-70SM model is one of the best telescopes in 2016 currently available on the market, ideal for people who want to observe the sky in-depth. This refracting telescope is perfect for sky, land or animal viewing, allowing a detailed perception of the objects. The Meade 20218 NG-70SM has slow motion controls on both axes and permits the user to track down with ease various objects that might be of interest. Furthermore, the telescope also includes a red dot projection viewfinder which makes it very easy for you to map out the sky in great detail.


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Tasco 49TN Refractor Telescope & Microscope


Many of the current top rated telescopes reviews underline the efficiency of Tasco 49TN refractor telescope & microscope, a product which is ideal for young observers who love to decipher the mysteries of the Universe or simply watch birds with more detail. The Tasco 49TN has 50 x 50mm table telescope and a powerful 900x microscope which allows for deep and detailed observation of the world around and also beyond the horizon. This 19-piece microscope kit also includes assorted examination slides, sample slides and many other preparation tools.


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