Best Toilets Reviews

Best Toilets Reviews


Top rated toilets in 2014


You might think that looking for a new toilet is an easy task because of the numerous choices that are available. However, this can actually make things harder because you might end up being overwhelmed. In this case, the rest of this article can help as it identifies some of the products that have been recommended in the best toilets reviews.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Water Price Shape Pieces Rating Where to buy

Toto MS604114CEFG

1.28 GPF $$$$ Elongated 1 pc A+ AMAZON

American Standard 2034.014.020

1.6 GPF $$$ Elongated 1 pc A+ AMAZON

Toto CST744SL-01

1.6 GPF $$$ Elongated 2 pc A AMAZON

American Standard 2889.216.020

1.6 GPF $$ Round 2 pc B+ AMAZON

Kohler K-3810-0

1.28 GPF $$$ Elongated 1 pc B+ AMAZON


Our Top Choices 


Toto MS604114CEFG Ultramax II Toilet


This is another option that should not be missed when you are looking for the best toilets in 2014. The double cyclone flushing system has been regarded by many as one of the best features of this model. The latter leads into the creation of centrifugal force that makes sure of its powerful flushing performance. The SanaGloss glaze, a feature that is exclusive to Toto, is also one feature that deserves to be highlighted. This means that the surface of the toilet will be able to resist bacteria and mold, and hence, making it able to preserve its best quality for a long time.

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American Standard 2034.014.020 Champion Toilet


Best Toilets ReviewsBased on the best toilets reviews, one of the best things about this model is EverClean anti-microbial surface. The latter is basically the one that is responsible for making sure that it looks as good as new even in spite of extended use. This also eliminates the presence of bacteria that can possibly cause foul odor and stain. In addition, the 10-year warranty that is offered by the manufacturer is also a good ting, which is reflective if the commitment of the manufacturer towards quality. Even through the years, you can be confident that you are covered.

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Toto CST744SL-01 Drake Toilet


The contemporary design of this toilet is a paramount reason on why it is a popular choice amongst many people. More so, aside from aesthetics, words of praises have been also expressed with regards to the functionality of this specific product. It has an efficient flushing system that delivers powerful flushing performance. It is also common for people who have bought such to note the excellence of this model with regards to durability. With more than 90 years of experience in the industry, you will surely never go wrong with this product from Toto.

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American Standard 2889.216.020 H2Option Toilet


As you read the top rated toilets reviews, you will notice that this is another model that is often recommended by many people. Based in the reviews that have been shared by its users, it is a good choice because of the dual flush system that makes it efficient in terms of water consumption. The PowerWash rim that is integrated in the design of the toilet bowl is also a good thing since it produces more than enough pressure and water flow to ensure maximum cleaning performance. It also has EverClean Surface, allowing you to get rid of elements that can cause stain and odor.

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Kohler K-3810-0 Santa Rosa Elongated Toilet


One of the best things about this model is that its height is comparable to the height of a regular chair, which makes it excellent when it comes to comfort. This will make it a snap to sit down and stand up, even for older users. In addition, the space-saving design on this unit is also a good thing, making it perfect even if you are constrained in terms of the amount of space that is available. It is also a good thing that the product has passed rigorous tests in the past, which can be indicative of its superior quality, and hence, being one of the best within the competitive landscape.

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