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Top rated vacuum cleaners in 2016


Households need to be cleaned and dust free and for this reason families are searching for professional electronic appliances that can provide substantial aid in this particular aspect. People need a vacuum cleaner that can be controlled with ease and capable of covering large areas so that the time allocated to this activity is not high. Furthermore, the cleaners have to reunite advanced features so that the job is done without the appearance of problems of any kind. This is where information makes the difference between choosing a reliable and efficient cleaner and one that doesn’t work. A detailed top rated vacuum cleaners review will help you to identify the product best suited to your needs.


Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


ProductTypePriceCorded – CordlessWeightOur RatingWhere to buy

Miele S2121 Olympus

Canister$$$Corded13 lbsA+AMAZON

Dyson DC25

Upright$$$$Corded19 lbsAAMAZON

Dyson DC44

Stick$$$Cordless5 lbsB+AMAZON

Shark Navigator NV22L

Upright$$Corded18 lbsC+AMAZON

Shark Navigator NV352

Upright$$Corded19 lbsBAMAZON


Our Top Choices



Miele S2121 Olympus


best vacuum cleanerThe Miele S2121 Olympus Canister Vacuum Cleaner is known for its remarkable convenience and lightweight. This unit comes with an air clean filter, dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle on VarioClip. Its 29.5-feet cleaning radius has the ability to bring in superior cleaning authority and remarkable cleanliness to any types of floor, whether it is carpeted or not. It also has a six-stage suction system and a one-click rocker switch, so you can easily adjust the rotary dial power selector depending on the type of floor or surface you will clean. You don’t have to worry about delicate items and seemingly unreachable corners too because this unit has a three onboard accessories that makes sure that even the smallest area is cleaned. To top it all, it has an auto-seal closing filter bag to absorb the dust thoroughly and keep it closed when you remove the filter bag.


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Dyson DC25 Animal


Many families have a pet that they adore and care for with pleasure and delight. Unfortunately this also means having to gather pet hair, which can be quite difficult. To this extent the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology upright vacuum cleaner was created to help people quickly clean any signs of the animal, without any problems or headaches. Due to its multi-functional suction system, the Dyson DC25 model is rated as the best vacuum cleaner in 2016 concerning animal cleaning. The animal ball-technology suctions the hair or dirt with ease thus helping the families enjoy rooms without such unwanted elements.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($648.88)




Dyson DC44 Animal


The Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum, as consistently mentioned on best vacuum cleaners reviews, is three times faster than other vacuum cleaners. Together with its marvelous speed, its high, constant suction makes sure all areas are free from dirt. This is what makes this unit special and highly favored. Aside from being known as the most power-efficient cordless vacuum, this is equipped with an automatic floor tool with carbon fiber brushes and rotating nylon brushes to clean hard floors thoroughly, even the ones with a carpet. Its articulating cleaner head pivots 180 degrees and is highly maneuverable. And lastly, its self-adjusting sole plate and v-ball technology keeps its floor contact intact and at the same time gives you the ability to clean even the toughest dirt in smaller areas.


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Shark Navigator NV22L


Best Vacuum Cleaner ReviewsConsidered by many technicians and specialists as the best vacuum cleaner in 2016, the Shark Navigator NV22L helps the user clean large areas of the house within a short period of time thanks to its powerful suction power. Furthermore, due to its unique design and additional features, the device can be handled with ease and its mobility ensures a quick relocation from room to room, which is very convenient and time saving. The advanced technology involved in the functionality of the cleaner enables the user to remove dirt, dust and other elements from your home environment.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($123.74)




Shark Navigator NV352 Lift Away


A detailed and professional top rated vacuum cleaners review names the Shark Navigator Lift Away as one of the most effective cleaners currently available on the market. Capable of cleaning large areas of the room due to its strong suction system, this appliance is certainly a powerful home cleaning tool. Furthermore, due to its unique design, the Shark Navigator Lift Away can absorb follicles of hair from dogs or cats from difficult places thanks to the powerful pet hair power brush.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($153.99)




Hoover Platinum UH30010COM


Women tend to be overly careful when it comes to cleaning, so the manufacturers managed to conceive a vacuum that can match that. Great power suction, lightweight and a 35 foot cable cord are just some of the many achieved objectives. This vacuum is perfect for those who suffer from allergies. Using a HEPA filter, the dust bag is capable of retaining the vast majority of small particles. You will also receive some useful attachments for easy access to tight areas. The brush and portable canister will give luster to your hard floors without scratches. It has a 5 year warranty. That’s probably why the best vacuum cleaners reviews hold this product in such high regard.


Buy from Amazon.com for ($210.45)





Products which are no longer available



LG Kompressor PetCare Plus


In today’s world, homes need to kept spotless, without dirt, dust or hair from animals. To this extent it is only normal for people to search for an effective cleaning tool. The LG Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus vacuum cleaner can help the user to clean quickly and silently, while also covering large portions of the house. With a 100% dust and dirt suction performance that is a direct result of the DualForce system, this vacuum cleaner widens the area cleaned, thus diminishing the time spent during this activity. The two, unique air pathways suction design gives the LG Kompressor cleaner the force and high quality working pattern to get the job done.



Hoover Commercial Elite Upright


Cleaning around the house can be difficult without the proper instruments. These should be capable of limiting the time spent and of covering large areas fast. To this extent, the Hoover commercial Elite upright vacuum cleaner was designed to help people remove dirt, dust and other unwanted agents fast due to the presence of the user friendly interface and the fingertip switch. The cleaner can be taken in a swift motion in any place of the house thanks to the hang-up hook which establishes a wide mobility to the user. It comes as no surprise to see the Hoover Elite model as one of the most used cleaners in Canada and the United States today.