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Top rated washing machines in 2015


The following review article was written by Damien Lyle, our new colleague who is an expert in appliances. With 3 years of experience in the field, Damien wrote a complete review on what he considers as being the best washing machines available on-line.



Most appreciated Products – Comparison Table


Product Capacity Price Dimensions Dryer Included Customer Rating Where to buy

Speed Queen AWN432S

3.3 cu. ft. $$$$ 25 x 28 x 43 inch No A+ AMAZON

Haier HLP21N

1.0 cu. ft. $$ 36 x 23.2 x 23.2 inch No A AMAZON

Smart+ Products SPP55AW

1.65 cu. ft. $$ 22.5 x 21 x 36 inch No B+ AMAZON


4.3 cu. ft. $$$$ 55.5 x 40.2 x 27 inch No C AMAZON


3.6 cu. ft. $$$$$ 29.8 x 27 x 38.7 inc YES C+ AMAZON


These days people are searching for high quality and professional washing machines capable of providing significant help in reducing the time spent during doing laundry. Furthermore, men and women who are careful with their clothes’ texture and fabric, want to use a product with the capacity to respect unique characteristics. Information is vital towards identifying the perfect washer and the general benefits which can be used by everyone in the house with ease and no headaches. Once you read a detailed and professional washing machine review, you will be able to have all the pieces of information needed to help in the selection process.


How to choose the best washing machine – Buying Guide


Having nice clothes means that you are half way there. You also need to keep them clean all the time so you always look fresh. In order to do so you need to invest in a reliable washing machine, which is not such a simple endeavor as some may think. Because the multitude of options you have, things can sometimes become confusing. Here are a few simple pointers which will allow you to land a top washing machine for your home.

Rule number one is to understand the fact that if the machine is expensive it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a high class one. Remember to always look at its options and read some reviews or customer reports to see if the machine has defects or not. You  should also see its weak points and its strong ones. If you want to purchase an expensive one, look for the HE sign which will tell you that it is a high efficiency washer, meaning that it will use less water and electricity than your standard washing machine. Then you can choose from a top load washer or a front load washer, but this difference is not really that important. The load capacity is an important feature and depending on how big your family is and how many clothes you need to wash, you can opt for one that has 4.5 cu. Ft. capacity (20 pounds of laundry) or less.

The best advice we can give you is not to rush your decision. Use different kinds of info to select the washer which is most suited for your living conditions and surely, in the end , you will make the correct choice. A washing machine is a central point of any home. Make sure you get a reliable one which won’t disappoint and won’t create more problems than it solves.

Insight on the best washing machines in 2015 can be found in the feedback from men and women who used some of them. Today there is a large variety of products that can clean in silence and with care but it can be difficult to select one without the proper information. To this extent, identifying a washer with modern and advanced features that can also consume less water and electricity can be done once you read professional reviews.


Speed Queen AWN432S



Top rated washing machine reviewsOne of the most highly regarded washers out there is without a doubt the Top Load Washer 3.3. The huge front load capacity ensures that you can do laundry for the whole family in one go, cutting down the time and effort you put into washing. This machine comes with the longest wash stroke in the industry thanks to its heavy-duty motor. These features make sure that you and your family have an excellent long term solution which is reliable and offers you an edge in certain situations. With it laundry time is no longer an issue.

“My clothes are clean all the time thanks to my trusty washer which I bought for a very good deal. I am very happy with its 3.3 cu. Ft. top load and for me and my boyfriend it is perfect. No leaks up to now and this makes me think I have made a great long term investment.” – Victoria Larkin

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Smart+ Products SPP55AW Portable Top Load Washing Machine


Why not go for a low capacity washer which is portable as well? One of the best models is the Smart+ Products SPP55AW top load washing machine. Despite its compact design, surprisingly it manages to have 4 different washing cycles, 10 water levels which can be electronically controlled and also 3 water temperatures which will ensure that almost any fabric can be properly washed. Its casters provide the necessary mobility in order to be quickly and effortlessly moved from one place or another. The 1.65 cu. ft capacity means you can clean about 12 lbs of laundry at a time.

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With a 27-inch Front Load Washer and Dryer Combo and a 3.6 cu. ft. Ultra Capacity, LG’s 3.6 CF FRONT LOAD WASHER DRYER COMBO will surely be a delight to many. It is also comes with 9 Washing Cycles and 6 Drying Cycles, so users can have a lot of alternatives. Its size, along with the washing and drying capacity, will certainly produce the results you want. Its LG TrueBalance anti-vibration system shouldn’t worry you when it comes to noise, as it reduces the noise level to a minimum, so you can surely move and use it in any part of the house without disturbing others.

“For my family needs this washer from LG has proven to be excellent, helping me keep all our clothes nice and clean. Unlike my old washer the texture of my clothes is not degrading and also the whities don’t get yellowish in time. The fact that it is a dryer as well makes me feel even happier that I bought it.” Amanda Robinson

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Haier HLP21N review


best washing machines in 2015The year 2015 has brought forth to the general public impressive washing machines with unique and advanced features. To this extent the Haier HLP21N represents a distinct device, comprising high quality cleaning programs which make the whole process in tune with the latest scientifical advancements. Featuring 3 water levels, 3 wash cycles and weighing in at only 43 pounds, the Haier HLP21N enables men and women to do their laundry in the comfort of their homes. The relatively small size of the device lets people place it wherever they want, with ease and no fuss.

“For my small apartment with a limited amount of space the Haier HLP21N seemed like the best option and it turns out that it actually was. It is more than enough for my needs, the clothes are washed properly and I didn’t even spend that much to get it.” – Robert Goss

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LG’s 2.7 CF COMBO WASHER-DRYER WHITE has put all the possible features one dreams of in a washer and dryer. With a 24″ compact Washer / Dryer, Combo, LG’s all-in-one washer and dryer incorporates all its excellent capacity in one appliance. This is also ideal for those who wish to do laundry inside but do not have an external venting area. As also mentioned by happy customers in the best washing machines reviews, you don’t have to worry about space because of its convenient size. So whether you need a washer and dryer in an apartment, condo or vacation home, LG’s 2.7 CF COMBO WASHER-DRYER will be your best friend.

“I have been washing and drying with the LG WM3455HW for some time now and it has proven to me in this time that it has all the capabilities I would have expected from a top washer/dryer. The compact size also solves my limited space problem.” – Rebecca Sanders


Haier HLP23E review


Out of the best washing machines in 2015 it seems that, according to the latest technical studies and analysis programs, the Haier HLP23E model occupies an exclusive spot when it comes to effectiveness and quality. Correlating the advanced actions of 4 wash cycles, the 4 water level options and 6 specific programs, this model helps families obtain clean clothes, with stronger fabric textures and greater thread care. Furthermore,  due to its silence mode, the Haier HLP23E model cleans without making any disturbing noise that might prevent people from going about their business. The presence of the electronic LED display panel helps the user to control the basic and extended features of the washer without any problems.


Electrolux EIFLS55IIW front load washer


Because it is one of the top rated washing machines currently available to the general public, it comes as no surprise to see the Electrolux EIFLS55IIW front load washer on top. Due to a high quality structure and advanced additional features, this model takes care of the texture and fabric of the clothes that you put inside. With a clear dedication to safe cleaning patterns and professionalism in usage, Electrolux embodies years of technical knowledge and wisdom. Furthermore, this washer has a quick 18 minutes wash cycle to clean and another to dry which enables people to wash fast in emergency situations, which is unique and useful in many situations.


Haier RWT350AW top load washer


A detailed and technical washing machine review will show that the Haier RWT350AW model represents a reliable and professional method to clean clothes without worrying about unwanted surprises. With a modern, simple and quite sleek aspect, this washer with its 3.5 cubic feet capacity enables men and women to clean a lot of clothes really quickly. This Haier model has a subtle user friendly interface that helps people select the water temperature with ease, load size and wash cycles thus controlling the functionality of the device. The washer fits in any environment, helping families to clean clothes without worrying about problems of any sort, both visually and technically.


Amana NFW7300WW Front Washer


The Amana NFW7300WW Front Washer is one of the top rated washing machines currently available on the market for families wanting an efficient electronic device. The particularities and features of this washer set it apart from others because it embodies high end technology in its basic structure and dedication to a safe and reliable cleaning process. With a remarkable care for the fabric and texture of the clothes, this Amana model ensures that people can clean without worries. Furthermore, due to a unique system, the washer consumes 73% less energy than an average washer. Through the EvenSpin vibration control system no disturbing noise will be heard once you begin to clean.