Many American laws are reasonable and obvious, but there are some that have stood the test of time despite being obsolete or downright ridiculous, in this day and age. While Michigan doesn’t have some of the most bizarre laws ever to have been invented, there are some that will strike you either because they are useless or because they don’t make any sense any more.

Fortunately, we were unable to discover many that are related to hunting, so if you’re feeling wary about using your rifle scope on a Sunday, don’t. As you’ll notice from the article we have put together for you, there are some things that can’t be done on Sundays in some areas of this state.


Nothing beats Joe Louis Arena security

In case you did not know, the security team at Joe Louis Arena can confiscate almost anything that they might feel that could be thrown on the ice.

The worst thing about it is that security officers can confiscate absolutely everything if to them, it makes sense. They have the legal authority to do so, so it is up to their own discretion. Might as well leave everything except your wallet at home if you’re going to a game, right?


Crocodiles and fire hydrants

While there might not seem to be an existing link between these two, apparently there were some inspired lawmakers who came up with a law that clearly states that the tying of an alligator to a fire hydrant is illegal.

Of course, this makes us ask the question who in their good mind ever thought about doing this, especially since it’s not like such reptiles can survive Michigan’s weather. You won’t just be risking a fine if you decide to go against this one – you can actually serve jail time.


You can’t sell your car on a Sunday

This one isn’t specifically one of Michigan’s law as the site clearly states that selling cars on Sundays in counties that have more than 130,000 residents is strictly prohibited. There have been some attempts to repeal this law in the past, especially during the recession, but up to this point, they have not been successful.



While it did make sense back in the day when people used to have different moral codes, this one definitely doesn’t make any sense nowadays. Men who will seduce an unmarried woman are guilty of a felony and they can risk jail time of up to five years or a fine of no more than twenty-five hundred dollars.


Police chiefs and bathing suits

Again, there doesn’t seem to be a logical connection between these two, but in the town of Rochester, you can’t bathe in a suit unless it’s been inspected by the chief of Police. We’re guessing that someone tried some sneaky stuff in the past that the honorable lawmakers have had to come up with this one.

Painting birds

We’re convinced that many of these laws were necessary because people used to try all sorts of methods of making extra cash. But let’s face it — nowadays, almost anyone can make the difference between a parakeet and a sparrow, or so we like to think. Well, in Harper Woods, it is outside the law to paint a sparrow and sell it as a parakeet so if you were considering this as your side hustle during the summer, forget about it.



While you can’t make any money by selling your automobile on a Sunday or by illegally painting a sparrow and selling it as something else, you still can charge up to 10 cents for every rat’s head that you bring into a town office.

That might not allow you to buy something decent for yourself or someone you care about, but it’s still a way of making a dollar or more, especially if you plan to get rid of the vermin that might have infested your house.

And some areas in the US and all over the world are still heavily populated with rats, so your rate of success if you decide to choose this profession in the long run is going to be high.


Cutting your hair

You are not going to like this law if you are a woman. We’re unsure whether it’s still being taken seriously, but if you live in Michigan and are a woman, you aren’t allowed to cut your hair without the express permission of your husband. Of course, all bets are off if you are not married.

Ironically, there doesn’t seem to be a law that says the same for men or that specifies that men should keep their body, ear, and nose hair under control.


Booze and trains

While we were unable to find a law according to which you aren’t allowed to consume alcohol while riding the train, there is one you need to know about. You can’t be drunk on a train, so if you take a couple of beers with you and you plan to indulge in them while on the road, you’d better have plenty of resistance to alcohol so as to avoid becoming intoxicated.

Parking your cow

It’s not like people have run out of open spaces where they can leave their livestock to indulge in some nice grass. But in Wayland, someone came up with a law according to which you can actually keep your cow on Main Street if you pay just three cents per day. That’s a nice way for the municipality to make some extra money, but would anyone do that nowadays? Probably not.

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