The Golden State is an overall great place to live, but there are some areas where there are still laws that are dated, dumb, or downright odd. Let’s look at some of the things you can’t do in California if you do not want to get in trouble with the law.

Don’t worry, none of those we found stated that you can’t use your pool volleyball set on hot summer days, so at least you’re covered when it comes to entertainment.


No disturbing lizards

Believe it or not, it is illegal to annoy a lizard in a park in the city. In fact, you aren’t allowed to mess with any of the animals in a city park, whether they are mammals, reptiles, or birds. As long as you’re within the park limits, you can’t do this — otherwise, you will be breaking the law. This is applicable in Fresno.


You can’t wear Halloween masks or dress up as a woman if you’re a man

These two laws we decided to tell you about in a single section because they all come from the wonderful city of Walnut. Although it’s difficult to understand, on Halloween, everyone who wants to wear a mask or other type of disguise needs to ask the express permission of the sheriff.

The same goes for men who want to dress up like women – they also have to ask for the sheriff’s permission.


You can’t store stuff in your garage

Yes, it’s true. In San Francisco, you aren’t allowed to store your personal things in your garage. The law states clearly that these spaces are made specifically for automobiles of any kind.


No windows open while you’re using the bathroom

We’ve all been there at some point or the other — used the public restroom in a bar or a cafe while the window was wide open. Upon finishing your business, you realized what happened, but if anyone in the back alley heard what you were doing… we’ll never know.

Well, a law in Dana Point strictly specifies that you are not allowed to use the bathroom while the window’s open. Oddly enough, the law was made to prevent certain smells from leaking out, but as we all know, nobody’s stopping you from opening the window after having gone to the restroom for a number two.


No dogs mating within five hundred yards of a school!

In Los Angeles, it is illegal for dog parents to allow their pets to mate with others on a radius of 500 yards from a school or church. It goes without saying that this law should protect kids and church attenders from seeing anything remotely sexual, but the fine is $500 or you’re risking 6 months of jail time.

And let’s face it, if you allow your dog to walk off-leash in a city park, there’s almost no way you can prevent a romantic ‘date’ from happening, especially if you’re distracted by your phone, a friend, or anything else.

Keeping elephants, rhinoceros, or hippos as pets

You can’t have any of these as pets unless you get a one hundred dollar-license first. As you can imagine, this law must have originated from those times when such exotic animals were more or less common due to the many circuses that toured the United States.

This law is applicable in Norco and it is still necessary since there are people even nowadays who own such creatures. Sometimes, they escape, and needless to say, it’s pretty difficult to ignore the effect that a rhino can have on people just taking a stroll.


No driving in your house coat if you’re a woman

Even though California is one of the most progressive states in the US, sometimes its laws can baffle you. It is outside the law to drive wearing a house coat if you are a woman. But here’s something interesting.

It is not illegal to drive your car without wearing anything at all. Now isn’t that odd? We’re guessing none of the lawmakers even considered that this might be a possibility — and why shouldn’t it, given that the porn industry is one of the most popular ones in California?


Birds are allowed to cross the road

No matter what happens, if you see a bird trying to cross the road, you have to stop the car and wait for it to get to the other side safely.

That applies even more in the case of peacocks, apparently, because this bird species has the right to go everywhere whenever it feels like it. We know that might be completely illogical, but it’s what’s written on the books.


Be a cowboy to wear cowboy boots

This one is completely unusual, but it states that you are not allowed to wear cowboy boots unless you own cows or use them for your job or in some purpose related to your profession or daily activities.

Apparently, California lawmakers are very keen on making sure that everyone represents themselves as accurately as they can.

No spitting on the floor

It used to be that people chewed a lot of tobacco in California, especially when they engaged in baseball games. As you can imagine, this gesture was not worthy of a gentleman, so California lawmakers decided to take the matter into their hands and put spitting outside the law.

California has a plethora of other weird laws, some of which we haven’t even showcased on this short selection. For example, you aren’t allowed to lick a toad, although we can hardly imagine how that law came to be. It’s also illegal to hunt for moths under a street light, and you can’t curse on a mini-golf course.

Riding a bike in a swimming pool is considered a crime in Baldwin Park, so that’s something else you might want to know if you ever want to try it out. We hope that our selection has helped you get an image of what you shouldn’t do the next time you visit the Golden State.