Even though one might tend to think that Ohio has some of the strangest laws ever to have been invented, the fact is that this state is no stranger than some others we’ve talked about in our other articles.

Sure, it’s illegal here for women to wear patent leather shoes, and you can’t fish for whales on any Sunday, whether you’re male or female. But let’s look at ten of some of the weirdest laws in Ohio — because these two aren’t those.


No more than five women in a house

We don’t know exactly what could have happened at some point that Ohio lawmakers felt compelled to come up with this law, but it’s written in the books so everyone needs to abide by the rule. In Ohio, you can’t have more than five women living in the same house. Whether that’s because some cases of polygamy have been reported here and there or not — we can’t know.

But it’s the truth and some men might argue that this could be a good thing, actually, given the number of conflicts that might arise when more than five people (regardless the gender) are sharing the same living space. And no, you can’t use your truck bed extender to accommodate an extra person.


Lost pet tigers

If you lose your pet tiger or he or she somehow escapes the premises, you have the responsibility of letting the authorities know about it within the course of an hour tops after noticing the incident. It’s not like you could find your tiger in an hour — but still, if your tiger is an adult, it’s safe to say that the animal could pose a real threat to the health and safety of other citizens.

Now that we think about it, is it really normal to have a pet tiger?


No slot machines in outhouses

However funny this law might be, it’s true that it is illegal to do this in Bexley. The best thing about it is that someone must have attempted to do it and must have been discovered for occupying the outhouse for extended periods of time. Otherwise, we couldn’t imagine what the issue with this might be.

Ohio doesn’t necessarily have the strictest policy against gambling and such, but this law is a bit odd when you think about it.



This one is really weird in that if you attempt to roller skate in North Canton, you have to notify the police beforehand. Of course, nobody knows if the same applies to skateboarding, but we’re guessing that it does.



Honking can be a major issue in some cities where the streets are crowded all the time. People lose their patience and start honking incessantly, which has led the legislators of Fairview Park to come up with a law that prohibits doing it excessively.

The only issue is that they didn’t make the effort of specifying what ‘excessively’ actually means, so we’re guessing that almost any driver can interpret the law as they want. Of course, there has to be a limit to honking because otherwise people would go insane trying to reach their destinations.

Killing flies

This law is downright ridiculous since everyone knows that flies are everywhere when the weather’s hot. But if your house is located within 160 feet of a church, you are not allowed to kill any flies at all. Maybe the likelihood of your home being so close to a church is rather slim, but still – you can’t kill a fly even if it really is bothering you.


Throwing snakes

We know that snakes are considered vicious little creatures and that there are many people who are scared of them, but they aren’t all the same. Apparently, Toledo lawmakers thought it would be necessary to create a law that specifies that it is illegal to throw a snake at someone.

As you can imagine, this probably happened in the past and resulted in some kind of medical issue for the victim. Why would this law even exist if there hadn’t been a case of something like this happening?


You can’t display colored chickens when you want to sell them

For some reason or the other, someone came up with the idea that colored chickens weren’t the same as white ones and that they didn’t deserve the same amount of attention and appreciation from those who might ever want to own them. White chickens are all good in Akron, but you can’t go selling your colored ones, especially in public.


Fish don’t like booze

That we know for sure since they live in water, not in vodka. But in the great state of Ohio, it is outside the law to try to get a fish drunk, which brings us to the conclusion that someone actually attempted doing that at one point.

Corn flakes

While it might be practically unbelievable, it is illegal for stores to have Corn Flakes available for sale on Sundays. So if you’re ever planning on opening up a store in Columbus, Ohio, you’d better get your employees trained to remove all Corn Flakes and take them off the shelves before Sunday comes around.

The irony of it all is that this law doesn’t include several variations of Corn Flakes such as Kellogg’s’ Frosted Flakes.

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