2016 star trek Keepsake Ornaments customer reports


2016 Star Trek Keepsake Ornaments has been announced for this year. There are a number of events we are going to witness this year. A short list is given below in the order of their releasing dates:

U.S.S. Enterprise

Available for $30-$35, U.S.S. Enterprise is available to mark the 25th anniversary of Picard Brave crew. This whole product can be used to decorate your study table or can be used just to depict a cool image of your home. Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew have been entertaining the people for last number of years. After the completion of 25 successful years, a product has been launched showing the dummies of the ship and the crew. This anniversary edition ornaments is also available with a base that can be used for displaying the model. Product contains the batteries right according to the demand of the product. The dimensions of the product as per announced by the manufacturers are 4.5”x2.5”x5”. This product can be a nice addition to your table top. You can listen to the opening music using this product again and again whenever you want to.

An extraordinary meeting

Offered by Valerie Shanks at the price of $25-$30, Hallmark Gold Crown Exclusive has come up with another awesome product. This product simply adds to the collection of Star Trek ornaments that are already in your cupboard. The model has been made in such a position that is taken from a scene where Spock meets with the past of himself. The product is run on batteries that are included in the package. The dimensions of the product are 4.25” x 4” x 2”. The whole model can be mounted on a base that can also be used for decorating the model on the table. It is simple and easy to mount the table on the wall if you do not want to keep it on the table.

Dr. Leonard McCoy

Here are the details about the product that comes at number three in Star Trek series. This product is actually offered by Anita Marra Rogers and is available for $10-$20. This product will be a great collection to the ornaments you are adding regarding Star Trek series.

In the Starfleet, he is known to be the best available doctor having an awesome medical mind. The doctor has the ability to solve even quite mysterious medical issues. Initially he was considered to be one of the ordinary doctors in the group but now he has got the top most position. Doctor is now available to you for your table top as the third most demanding ornament of Star Trek. The dimensions of this model are 1.25” x 4.25” x 1.25”.