3M Peltor H10A customer reports


3M Peltor Optime 105 H10A reviewsListen to music with 3M Peltor H10A Headset and you’ll know the difference. Read more about it in this 3M Peltor H10A Review.
Peltor headset is more comfortable for the head hat size. Some of the headsets are not at all comfortable to use. If you’re planning on listening to music for over a long period of time, Peltor H10A is better. It has a larger ear cup size which has the ability to keep your head straight when dozing on.

The design of the 3M has a high-visibility green color for workers in low light conditions. It is extremely comfortable to wear on the head because of its Proprietary Twin-Cup design has soft, foam-filled earmuffs. Moreover, the ear cup pivot points that tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency. It is also useful is cold situations since the pad on the ear part acts as insulator.

It has a high-visibility green over-the-head earmuffs feature and double-shell technology to provide effective hearing protection. The 3M Peltor H10A is designed for noise levels up to 105 dBA. Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)*is 30dB at CSA Class AL. It is also said that too much noise too bad for the ears but this headphone is Leading the Advancement of Hearing Conservation™ which ensures that it won’t harm your ears.

3M Peltor H10A is durable with its double shell technology and stainless steel headband. This headband also distributes the weight for low pressure fit. It can also be adjusted for your head size for comfort.

Those who have bought these headphones says that the sound quality produce by this head phone is great. Their ears feel comfortable with the sound it produces. Its bass sounds are good.

3M Peltor H10A Specifics and Features:

–           high-visibility green over-the-head earmuffs feature

–          double-shell technology

–          for noise levels up to 105 dBA

–          High-visibility green color for workers in low light conditions

–          Liquid/foam filled earmuff cushions

–          Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)*: 30dB. CSA Class AL

–          Proprietary Twin-Cup™ design has soft, foam-filled earmuffs

–          Stainless steel headband distributes weight for low-pressure fit

–          Earcup pivot points that tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency

–          Color-coding to help match attenuation needs

–           Leading the Advancement of Hearing Conservation™

–          Over the hear Headphones

–          Patented twin-cup design

–          Recommended for extremely loud conditions

According to the 3M Peltor H10A customer reports, the customers like this headset more than they like the others because of its comfort and sound. It also attracts customers because of its cool and eye-catching design. The cup shape design looks good in casual clothes. This headphone is highly recommended for use in extremely loud conditions.