Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick reviews


Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick customer reports


Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick reviews

This Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick review is about a bike which offers the bikers a new bike which provides smooth performance and it provides with a BMX bike which has the 20-inch wheels with the steel frame which is made of hi-tensile steel. It has been ensured that this provides you with the ultimate experience of riding the best bike.

Features of Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick:

The features offered in this Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick review attracts the customers with its many features and the special materials used in the making of the BMX bike.

There are many features that the bike offers some of the features offered by the bike are given below:

  • The bike includes knobby wheels, steel rims, it includes standard U-brakes, a cold-forged crank, and this entire are included with the cushions on the BMX-style seat.
  • The bike also includes the kickstand, it also has a steel chain which is produced by the noted by KMC, and it has a fashionable alloy Airwalk head badge.
  • It has been produced in china and the age limit is for ages 8 and up. You will have to assemble the bike first. It is a product which covers a 30-day maker warranty.


Features in the Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick:

  • The features included are the 20-inch wheels; it also includes a hi-tensile steel frame. It also includes knobby wheels and steel rims. It includes the standard U-brakes, cold-forged crank, and cushioned BMX-style seat. It has a kickstand and a KMC steel chain. It also has Alloy Airwalk had badge.

Specifications of Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick:

  • The height of the bicycle frame is 20 inches, the length of the bicycle frame is 60 inches and the width of the cycle frame is 25 inches. The material of the bicycle frame is steel. The height of the wheel is 20 inches, whereas the tire width is 2.2 inches. There is one gear speed and the weight of the product is 20 pounds and the weight capacity is 180 pounds.

The Airwalk brand has developed a sport culture. Skateboarding, snowboarding and plus surfing have emerged as a more favored form of sport and the sports have come as a way to spend the life as. The only company that has tried to stay abreast of all the new innovations and the ways that the new generation wants the sports as in the world and that is Airwalk. The products being developed by Airwalk as shown in Airwalk 20-inch Big Slick customer reports have shown that the brand is igniting the development of board sport culture, creative expression, plus the independent design. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed in buying this product by Airwalk.