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Airwalk Unraveled reviewsA skateboard is a kind of sport equipment that is primarily used for the activity an extreme sport which is known as skateboarding and it is a fact that when it comes to the skateboard then it is hard not to discuss the products of Airwalk. The unraveled is the latest skateboard of this brand that features an all the rage graffiti design. Its deck is specially designed by using maple wood of 9-Ply which is combined with the coating of polyurethane in order to ensure the stronger durability and it is also very useful in making the smooth moves and slides.

Like all other modern skateboards the dimensions of its deck is 31″ L x 7.75″ W. These days, the skateboarders prefer skateboards which have wider decks because they provide better stability during the rampage and transition skating. If you are also among these persons then Airwalk Unraveled is definitely a great option for you because the length of its deck is about 31 inches. The trucks are also a very important part of any skateboard. Actually these are the two metallic clamps which are used to connect the deck and wheels.

Normally, the trucks are composed of two different parts. Its top most part is driven into the deck and it is also known as baseplate, and there is a hanger beneath it. It is very important to have a moderate width of the truck. Because it is very difficult to make different moves if the truck is too wide and conversely it is very hard to maintain the stability of skateboards which have too small truck. The small trucks can also cause issues when a skateboarder wants to make a steep turn. The length of the truck of Airwalk Unraveled skateboard is 5 inches which is good enough to perform any sort of trick or move.

The wheels of unraveled skateboard are made of the polyurethane of superb quality and the size of its wheel is 50mm. Therefore, it could easily conclude from the different Airwalk Unraveled reviews of customers that this skateboard is just perfect for the person who like to keep their board close to the surface. It produces a lower center of gravity and in result it requires less force to move forward or accelerate as compare to the skateboards which have larger sized wheels.

The hardness of the wheels of skateboards is determined with the help of shore durometer. The hardness of the wheel of Airwalk Unraveled is 97A which is quite moderate and suits nearly all kinds of skateboarding. Its bearing type is ABEC-5 and the weight of unraveled is also very good that is only 5.0 lbs. If you want to get more information about this skateboard then the best option for you is to have a look at different Airwalk Unraveled customer reports.