Alesis DM6 customer reports


Alesis DM6 review

The DM6 is one of the best products of a well known professional gear maker brand Alesis. This electronic set of drums is offering totally new modules of sound along with the percussion sounds, cymbal and one hundred and eight quality drum. Its pads have the ability to make you feel good and the hardware and rack system of DM6 is of supreme quality. Just like all other drum set manufactured by Alesis, the DM6 is also featuring natural feeling and realistic playing surfaces. They selected cymbal surfaces and drums of natural rubber in order to minimize the vibration feedback as much as possible. It is a kit that consists of five pieces and DM6 allows you to start drumming on the dual zone pad for snare which is compatible for two types of sounds.

From Alesis DM6 review it is discovered that you have an option to dial in the center, rimvshot or rim click while on the other hand you can also play something which is completely different from them such as a cowbell on the rim. The DM6 also comes with the ride cymbal pads, crash, hi hat, three tom pads and a kick drum which is set in the upright position.

The best thing about this set is that its kick pad is multipurpose which means it is compatible with any kind of double or single bass drum pedal which is usually used for the personal feel.

When it comes to the internal collection of DM6 then it has a top notch collection of percussion, cymbal and drum sounds that can blow you miles away from the set. In addition, you also have an option to edit, save or record your personal compositions.

For this purpose you will get five custom slots and ten presets. Another intriguing feature of the Alesis DM6 electronic drum set is that it has a USB port through it you can send the notes you composed in the form of MIDI signals. So, by using drum module software like Toontrack or BFD you can use this set of drums as a trigger to MIDI interface, which is obviously a great thing for any drummer.

A variety of Alesis DM6 customer reports claimed that it has an amplifier and headphone outputs, thus you can play quietly without disturbing anyone. In the stereo input jack of DM6 you can also connect your CD player or iPod. The external body of this electronic drum set is quite sturdy and it is mounted on a heavy duty rack which is made of top quality aluminum. The standard tubing of 1 ½ inches allows its users to connect it with mounts and clamps of Alesis as well as other brands.