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Alex Peg Farm reviews

If you are on the hunt for a gift to give your kids, why not get them something that is not only fun but will also help enhance their creativity, motor skills, and recognition. With this, you might be interested in checking out the Alex Peg Farm. This toy takes on the old fashion game of stacking pegs, but with cuter designs. In this Alex Peg Farm review, we will look into the toy’s features and specifications so that you can see whether Alex Peg Farm is suited to your little one. We hope that this article can help you with your toy shopping.

The Alex Peg Farm offers 25 pegs that your child can stack, match, and make patterns. To add more fun, the front and back of the pegs are printed with friendly farm faces and tails. It also comes with foam themed, soft, colourful foam peg board.

Though, this is such a simple toy (amidst all the iPads and other advanced toys), it does not only provide fun for the kids, but it also helps them develop their matching skills. Since the pegs are painted with faces and tails, kids are challenged to correctly match the animal face to its appropriate tail. Many children are also thought the different colours and shades, as the pegs can also be played by categorizing it by colour. Furthermore, since pegs can be stacked and sorted in any way, children can build whatever they want to encourage creative play. With this, their imagination is put at work. More so, creating patterns also enhances kids’ motor skills. Aside from that, since they need to stack the pegs, they develop advanced eye and hand coordination. This is actually very fun, especially to kids that love sorting and finding patterns. With this, you can be sure that what your child is doing is not just enjoyable but also enhances your child’s skills.

With this, the Alex Peg Farm is surely an easy recommendation. It is not every day that we can encounter a toy that does not only prioritize fun, but also the child’s development.  Many Alex Peg Farm customer reports attested on how this toy helped their children to be more creative. They also noted that the toy were able to reinforce Math concepts, like addition and subtraction, to their children at a very young age. Parents also like the fact that even if the toy is simple and has simple mechanics, it is able to hold their child’s attention for hours that lets them do their errands or personal businesses. All in all, the Alex Peg Farm is a fun way to help your children learn various skills, which is why this is definitely one of the best gifts you can give your child.