ALPS Mountaineering Vertex reviews

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex review


ALPS Mountaineering Vertex reviewsEquip yourself with to ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent be fully enjoy your backpacking journey. Read more about this extremely useful tent in this ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 Review.

Backpacking journey may take you into different places that have different types of terrains and climates which make it exciting and fun-filled. But backpacking requires preparation to what might come. You must be able to pass through strong gush of wind, down pouring rains, harmful rays of the sun, and extremely cold nights; that is made possible by ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent.

Alps Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent is a tent that can accommodate up to 4 persons which delivers comfort and high quality performance. This tent allows double entrance by having two doors both having mesh windows which enables much easier entrance without the need to climb over sleeping occupants. The mesh windows of the doors allow excellent cross ventilation.

This backpacking tent has a factory sealed fly and floor seams that can protect you from any weather. It can last through storms and strong winds. It ensures tough weather protection but not only that. It can also resist UV damage caused by the sun, a quality that is not present in cheap and ordinary backpacking tent. It is made possible by the UV damage-resistant polyester fly which also ensures to stay taut.

Weighing around 9 pounds, this tent might be hard for one person to bring, but it is not that of a problem since it can easily be carried by 2 or more persons. If the weight is too much for one person to haul, you can portion out some of the pieces so everyone is sharing the weight.

This backpacking tent is simple and easy to assemble and disassemble which is of utmost importance especially if you need a quick shelter from the rain.

There is tremendous value in the Alps Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent. It is very well built and strong.

ALPS Mountaineering Vertex 4 Backpacking Tent Specifics and Features

  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • Center height: 52 inches
  • Maximum occupancy: 4
  • Factory Sealed Fly and Floor Seams Give Best Weather Protection
  • Polyester Fly resists UV Damage and Stays Taut

According to the ALPS Mountaineering Vertex customer reports, though it is a bit a heavy than what one person can haul, this tent is designed for group backpacking wherein 2 to 4 persons can have portion of the tent to bring. It is also well-liked because of its affordable price and durability. It can also last through different climates and it can easily be assembled and disassembled. Buy this tent for your backpacking adventure.