Amana ASD2522WRD reviews


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Amana ASD2522WRD reviews

If you are looking for a new refrigerator, either it is your first time to buy one or ditching your old one, you should definitely take into account many factors. You should definitely go for a refrigerator that really suits your needs so that you can maximize its purpose. For people who love keeping food and drinks, or those who has a large household, it is advisable to get those tall refrigerators as it offers so much storage and compartments. If tall refrigerators are what you are eyeing for, you may want to check out Amana ASD2522WRD. This particular refrigerator model offers enough capacity for all your meat, vegetables, dairy, treats, and other foods. In this Amana ASD2522WRD review article, we will give you a brief look of this refrigerator’s features and specifications so you can have an idea whether Amana ASD2522WRD works for you and your household.

The Amana ASD2522WRD is a two-door refrigerator with 25.1 cubic feet capacity. It has three regular shelves which you can store, two of which are adjustable. However, out of these three shelves, only one has a humidity control. For door storage, one side features the dairy tray and three adjustable bucket shelves. it also has a fourth shelve on the door placed at the bottom, but this one is no longer adjustable. The other door offers five shelves that are all fixed.  For the freezer, most of its interior is taken by the ice maker. There is a small space for above the ice maker on which you can store in light weight and smaller items.

The freezer offers two adjustable wire shelves, and a fixed third shelf. There is also a pull out bucket at the bottom. With all these storage, the Amana ASD2522WRD is surely enough to keep all your food in their proper compartments to be able to keep and preserve each food’s natural taste. There is also an external dispenser for water and ice, for quick and easy hydration. There is a control lock out which locks the control to avoid unintended use of the dispenser. Furthermore, this refrigerator unit also boasts temperature controls so that you can adjust its settings depending on you see fit. With this, you are able to control and preserve the crisp and tenderness of your food.

All in all, users are very happy with this refrigerator. It is tall and nice looking so you would not need to worry about it matching your home décor. Many Amana ASD2522WRD customer reports actually said that this unit is exactly what it claims to be. It works really great and provides so much storage even for large households. However, some people noticed that its handle is quite cheap looking, but it functions just fine. Overall, there are no big reasons that make Amana ASD2522WRD a bad buy.