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Amana Heavy duty reviewsIf you want a heavy duty food heating, you must invest on a heavy duty microwave. There are actually a lot of choices for this type of microwave out in the market today so you do not have to worry about finding one the best fits you. One heavy duty microwave that you can check out is the Amana Heavy duty. However, before heading to your favorite local store (or online retailer), it is best to get to know the machine first so you can land a perfect match for your needs and wants. With this, it is highly advisable to go through various product reviews. In this article, we will give a little Amana Heavy duty review so you can have at least an idea of what this particular microwave can offer you. We will discuss its features and specifications so you can decide whether Amana Heavy duty works for you or not.

Amana Heavy duty works on 1700 watt that is ideal for rethermalizing, boost heating, and steaming for busy commercial kitchen. It offers 11 power levels on which you can choose the appropriate level fitted to a particular food. Furthermore, it also features 100 programmable menu items and four stage cooking options that reduce time for food preparation and waste. These features also help avoid waste, while increasing consistency. In addition, the Amana Heavy duty also has a built in double stirrer distribution system that works with a pause setting. This prevents having cold and hot spots as it reminds the users to check on the food before further heating up the food.


Amana Heavy duty offers 1 cubic foot capacity for larger and spacious room so you can easily slip and take out food in the oven. Its stainless steel exterior and interior promotes easy clean up. Furthermore, this particular heavy duty microwave also has removable air filter that protects the oven from grease-laden air. Added to that, it has a clean filer reminder that tells its users when the machine needs to be cleaned already. With this, keeping and maintaining Amana Heavy duty on its best form is effortless.


With all these features, it is not shocking why many people loved the machine. The Amana Heavy duty has all the necessary features that you would want to have in a heavy duty microwave, and it is definitely a big help in a busy kitchen. Many Amana Heavy duty customer reports actually attested on how this machine can truly keep up even during the busiest kitchen days as it is high performing and very easy to use and operate. Easy clean up is also one of the best features that people noted about this product. With this, they are able to maintain the oven’s efficiency and consistency. Furthermore, its design and built suggest that Amana Heavy duty can last a really long time. Overall, for heavy duty microwave needs, you cannot go wrong with Amana Heavy duty.