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Amana NTW4501XQ reviewsAmana NTW4501XQ has those qualities that you’re looking for in a washer. If you want more information about this washer, read this Amana NTW4501XQ Review.

Amana NTW4501XQ Washer, a high quality performing washer, is a highly appreciated washer because of its features. One of these features is the Super Capacity Plus which enables the washer to wash up to a capacity of 3.4 cubic feet. This washer is also liked by the customers because of its modern look and design.

The washer features 8 Cycles of washing clothes which enables you to wash different types of clothes which require different washing treatments. One of these is the Light Cycle which is recommended in washing light dresses. The Regular Cycle is for regular types of clothes like cotton t-shirts. The Delicate Cycle is for delicate clothing like under wears. There is also a Heavy Cycle for heavy duty cleaning and is recommended for use when cleaning pants and thick fabrics. When it comes to dealing with soiled clothes, the Normal Cycle is what should be used.

Amana NTW4501XQ also features an Automatic Temperature Control which monitors and adjusts incoming water temperature. It can keep warm water at a proper temperature for good cleaning performance and can keep cold water at a temperature that dissolves detergent properly. Moreover, this washer also offers 3 Water Temperature Selections to ensure top quality washing.

When it comes to saving, Amana NTW4501XQ washer helps in saving water through its feature of being able to offer 3 Water Levels. It is to reduce water waste by matching water level to load size so that you don’t have to use a lot of water in just a little load.

Other feature of this amazing washer is its Deluxe Dual Action Agitator wherein the clothing is rolled through the bottom of the wash basket for a thorough and even cleaning. It also has a bleach dispenser and spreckle porcelain wash basket.

This washer is also made from highly durable materials so you are assured that it will last for many years.

Amana NTW4501XQ Washer Specifics and Features:

–          3.4 cu. ft. Super Capacity Plus

–          Dimension: 43 Inches high by 27 Inches deep by 27 1/2 Inches wide

–          Modern Styling

–          Voltage: 120 V

–          8 Cycles

–          Light Cycle

–          Regular Cycle

–          Delicate Cycles

–          Heavy Cycle

–          Normal Cycles

–          Drain and Spin

–          Automatic Temperature Control

–          3 Water Levels: Reduce water waste by matching water level to load size

–          3 Water Temperature Selections

–          Bleach Dispenser

–          Spreckle Porcelain Wash Basket

–          Deluxe, Dual Action Agitator

According to the Amana NTW4501XQ customer reports, this washer was worth the investment because it can save water and also electricity.