Anker Astro3 customer reports


Anker Astro3 review

This Anker Astro3 review is about the anker. The Anker Astro3 is a new product by the company and it is charging up to 3 times but that requires 10,000 mah which takes some time and also energy.

The product is manufactured very strong and durable and the product is made in China and the built is very solid. It can charge the skyrocket from full dead power to full about 4.5 times. The size of the product is same as the skyrocket but there is difference in the thickness of the product which is twice as thick and is 3 times heavier than the standard weight of the skyrocket. There are 2 USB ports designed in the product and one port is specially designed for the i-devices and one port is for the Samsung devices. The USB fan can also be powered from the port in the product. There is also a DC provided that gives us an output of 9v or 12v.

There is only one drawback that it is not capable to charge to charge to a thrive 10 which is more of a gripe than the anker. The output of the anker is 12vdc but the thrive requires 19vdc if the readings are read carefully.  There is no way to make the thrive recognize it as a power supply.

The Anker Astro3 review tells us that the product is very reliable giving best value of money .the specifications of this Anker Astro3 are given : the weight of the Portable Power Bank Battery is only 8.9 oz. and it has the 12,000 mAh battery in a small package, which is enough to charge the mobile phone along with the small other devices very easily.

The usage of this product can be used every day and it can also be used for long trips and can come in handy in the long trips or in the case of emergencies. It has highest of the features and provides you with the best of the quality.

The Anker Astro3 customer reports shows that it has received many good reviews from the customers and the experts alike, giving it good reviews in performance in value and durability. The price of this Anker Astro3 is very reasonable and this provides it one of the biggest advantages.

The only drawback would be that the batteries of Anker are not easily available and it does not charge up to the written 10000 mah and just the usable charging ranges between 7500 to 8000 mah.  This feature has o be checked as to why it does not give the full power. Other than that it is a good product with the best features given in a reasonable price for te budget minded people giving durability in travel and in the emergencies.