Back-UPS RS 1500 reviews

APC BR1500G customer reports


APC BR1500G reviewsIf you want to work through extended length power outages while saving power, then APC BR1500G is just the right one you need. Read this APC BR1500G review for more information.

APC BR1500G provides abundant battery backup power which allows you to work through extended length power outages. It also protects the equipments from damaging surges and spikes that travel along utility and data lines.

Being able to feature automatic voltage regulation (AVR), this outlet adjusts high and low voltages to safe levels making it safe for you to work indefinitely during brownouts and over voltages. This adjusts voltages to safe levels without using the battery, so you can work indefinitely during brownouts and overvoltage situations, saving the battery for power outages when you need it most.

It is also a feature that safeguards the equipments. This has power-saving outlets that can automatically turn off idle peripherals, and a high efficiency charging system and “AVR Bypass” that can reduce power consumption. Its Data Line Surge Protection Data line surge protection guards against surges and spikes travelling over Ethernet or coax cable lines.

The maximum output capacity of APC BR1500G is 865 Watts / 1500 VA. It has an impressive Battery Run Time providing up to 13 minutes of runtime at half load or 3 minutes at full load enabling proper shut down of your system in instances of extended length power outages.

It also features LCD Graphic Screen LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) which gives the status of over 20 different utility and battery backup conditions.

There are 5 “Battery Backup & Surge Protected” outlets to keep a CPU, monitor and other critical devices, and 5 “Surge Only” outlets protect printers, faxes or other equipment.

These power-saving outlets are surely helpful in your office and your home. It assures you your work place’s safety. So if you’re

The dimensions of the product are 19 inches by 9 inches by 15 inches. It weighs 30 pounds. I requires 1 12V batteries to function.

APC BR1500G Specifics and Features:

  • Product Dimension: 19 x 9 x 15 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 30 pounds
  • Multi-function LCD status & control console
  • Surge energy rating: 355 Joules
  • Master/control power-saving green feature
  • Output power capacity: 1500va/865w
  • ASIN: B003Y24DEU
  • Item model number: BR1500G
  • Batteries: 1 12V batteries required
  • Input: Nominal Input Voltage: 120V

According to the APC BR1500G customer reports, this is highly recommended to any place with electrical equipments such as offices. Many customers who have tried this product were so amazed with what it can do.