Top Rated Sling Box Alternative from Apple


2. Apple TV MD199LL-ABenefits

Engineered to revolutionize how you watch TV, this best streaming player from Apple offers faster streaming and playing performance.

The device is considerably easy to set up.

The Apple TV MD199LL/A enables you to enjoy HD movies, HD TV shows, and even content from your PC or Mac.

Share what you enjoy doing on your iPad or iPhone 4S via the revolutionary AirPlay Mirroring feature.

The Apple TV is small yet powerful and efficient.



Two of the Apple TV MD199LL/A reviews reveal that this model can’t stream or mirror from some applications such as the Synology DS212 NAS and the Amazon Prime App.


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Benefits Explained

Transforming the way you enjoy TV, the Apple TV MD199LL/A takes content viewing to new heights. This compact device enables you to stream movies, music and photos straight to your HDTV. Fully integrated with iCloud, the Apple TV enables you to enjoy content available from the iTunes store through iCloud. You have more than 90,000 TV shows and over 15,000 movies to select content from. The onboard Photo Stream from iCloud enables you to view your most recent photos from any Apple device, all without sending or syncing. Cited to be faster than ever, the Apple TV runs on a single-core Apple A5 chip. Enjoy 1080p video quality while making the most of your HDTV.

1.Apple TV MD199LL-A

Truly among the top rated streaming media players, the Apple TV takes nearly no time at all to get going. Simply plug in the power cord to the outlet and connect the device to your widescreen TV via an HDMI cable. Everything is wirelessly streamed to the Apple TV through your WiFi network, so setup is really painless. The Ethernet and optical audio ports deliver extra versatility. The redesigned interface is highly user friendly and intuitive. All it takes is a simple click of the source icons to enjoy lightning-fast access to all content.


Giving you the best seats in the house, the Apple TV MD199LL/A offers instant access to rent or buy your favorite HD movies, most of which are in 1080p and available on the same day the DVD comes out. You can search by title, top movies or genre. Prime time can be any time for you when you purchase popular TV shows and enjoy them minus the commercials anytime. The Apple TV MD199LL/A smartly keeps track of your preferred shows so when you turn the TV on, you will instantly see which season you’re on and which episodes are the most recent.


Maximize your iPhone 4S or second-generation iPad with the Apple TV’s AirPlay Mirroring to show everyone else exactly what you’re enjoying. Dual screens are even supported by some iOS games, turning your iPhone 4S or iPad into an awesome remote. Enjoy widely-used apps including Flickr, YouTube and Netflix. Or use the NHL, NBA and MLB apps to watch your favorite sports teams.


Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, the Apple TV MD199LL/A is a space-saving device that can keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle. The supplied Apple remote offers all the control you require for browsing through the diverse range of menus easily. With a separately bought HDMI cable, you can stream video to an external display.



Simple out of the box, the Apple TV MD199LL/A is one of the most trouble-free and easiest devices to use for maximizing your portable devices and to enjoy truly high definition content. The Apple TV lets you enjoy 1080p HD programming and gives you access to your purchased TV shows, music and movies right from iCloud or even streamed from your Mac or PC. This device opens up a load of possibilities for TV viewing, so you will never be bored!


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