Most Reliable Pressure Washer from AR


1. AR Blue Clean AR383Benefits

Undoubtedly the best pressure washer from AR North America, the AR Blue Clean AR383 is equipped with the exclusive Total Stop System.

The pressure washer boasts a durable build.

The tool comes complete with all the accessories needed to enable efficient use.

The pressure washer delivers excellent washing/cleaning performance.

It provides a more cost efficient way of cleaning the car, small patios or decks, grills, outdoor furniture and plastic play sets than a standard garden hose.



Some AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer reviews claim that the plastic hose adapter leaks water, but a separately purchased male-to-male hose adapter easily resolves the issue.


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Benefits Explained

The AR Blue Clean AR383 takes the honor of being the best electric pressure washer due to the exclusive Total Stop System, which utilizes the trigger gun to control the power to the washer. The machine has an automatic safety valve with pressure shut-off at the pump head. The easy-start valve is designed with low pressure relief mechanism, which focuses enough water in low pressure into the by-pass until a certain pressure is reached. The low system pressure eases startup by removing back pressure when the pressure washer is started. The pressure relief valve opens automatically to minimize dangerous system pressure overloads that can damage the equipment and can also be hazardous to the operator.

2. AR Blue Clean AR383

Aside from the three-axial piston wobble plate pump, the pressure washer also comes with a full gun wand assembly equipped with a completely adjustable spray head, water filter, detergent tank, high pressure hose and detergent injector kit.


The pressure washer is constructed of aluminum, copper and plastic. Equipped with a long-lasting universal electric induction motor, this cold water electric pressure washer is built for long life. The 30-foot power cord ensures that the washer can handle the most demanding outdoor cleaning tasks with ease. The hose is kept out of the way so it won’t get stepped on, thanks to the innovative hose reel with a hand crank. The jet nozzle is adjustable to make the unit suitable for a variety of cleaning applications. The unit is mounted on a two-wheel trolley to ensure effortless use and protection to the vital washing components. The three-axial piston wobble plate pump has tempered stainless steel plungers to ensure resilience to rust.


The Annovi Reverberi Triplex three-axial piston wobble plate pump regulates flow and pressure sufficiently, ensuring that the pressure washer has enough power to complete the washing task. The pressure washer is equipped to deliver 1,900 PSI and 1.5 gallons per minute to ensure consistent pressure and water flow.


The pressure washer provides savings of up to 80% on your water bills compared to using a regular garden hose. The pressured water flow provides stronger cleaning power, thus utilizing water optimally.



When the summer season rolls by, you need the power of the AR Blue Clean AR383 electric pressure washer to sufficiently handle mildew, mud, pollen, greasy film and dried class clippings that cover everything. Tough cleaning tasks become easy chores with this efficient cleaning machine that uses regulated pressure to wash away all that dirt. The device can even be used to remove blistered or flaking paint. It is truly more cost efficient than a regular garden hose.


Buy from Amazon for ($102)