Asus A53E-AS52 laptop reviews


Asus A53E-AS52 laptop customer reports


Asus A53E-AS52 laptop reviews

The present is synonym with high performance, internet connectivity and technical stability and for this reason a growing number of students want to find the best model from the ones currently available on the market. According to the latest statistics and online surveys, more and more people recommend with confidence Asus A53E-AS52, a laptop designed to provide and maintain high quality once the device is turned on. This laptop is ideal for students that work hard and develop a large variety of programs at the same time. Most of the current Asus A53E-AS52 laptop reviews, drafted by thousands of satisfied users and specialists in field, emphasize on the product’s unique features and technologies that maintains a high level of productivity and vast entertainment system always at the user’s disposal.

The model comes equipped with a powerful Intel Core i5-2450M processor with a built in Intel HD Graphics platform that ensures faster and energy efficient computing. A53E-AS52 laptop has an impressive 750GB hard drive capacity that allows you to store your favourite movies, TV-shows, documentaries, games and concerts. The model combines with precision innovation and design perfection in order to place it among the world best PC’s out there on the market, available to the general public.

Asus is known for its high quality products, offered with delight to people used to precise and responsive devices that work well and don’t cause any problems at all. To this extent the A53E-AS52 model makes no exception. This device has a carefully designed 15.6-inch HD display (1366 x 768) that helps the user enjoy 720p and 1080p resolution during movies, games and other visual entertainment. Most of present Asus A53E-AS52 laptop customer reports underline the presence of the IceCool technology that maintains the palm rest and all the typing surfaces cool even after a long period of usage which is quite useful.

One particular trait often underlined in the current Asus A53E-AS52 laptop reviews is the Asus Palm-Proof technology that diminishes accidental input by distinguishing with precision the palm of the finger contact, on the surface of the track pad. The model has Altec Lansing speakers that ensure a reliable and clear audio system that enhances the overall experience with the laptop during movies, games or various TV-shows.