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Asus G55VW-ES71 customer reports


ASUS G55VW-ES71 reviewsWhile not all of the laptops that can be found in the market will prove to be a perfect gadget to be used in gaming, this Asus G55VW-ES71 review will provide you with more information on the different features that are loaded in this gaming laptop, and in the end, prove to be helpful in giving you a clearer perspective with whether or not this model should be purchased. This review does not assert that this model is an all-encompassing laptop, or that it has all of the essential features that you will need, which makes it more important to pay attention to the overview that will be provided, in order to make it possible for you to end up with a well-informed decision.

In many Asus G55VW-ES71 customer reports, even the manufacturer of this laptop claimed that this is not the most powerful laptop that is currently available in the market. In this case, if you are merely looking for the most powerful gaming laptop, and you have the financial resources to spare, you can consider other models instead. However, if you are working on a tight budget, this model will already prove to be a good model to have. This is basically because it is made available in an affordable price, especially considering its variety of features, which, although may not be as elaborate as others, are still of high quality, especially when its price is taken into consideration.

The different features of this gaming laptop will be given emphasis in this Asus G55VW-ES71 review in order to provide valuable information with regards to what buyers can possibly expect from this model. Among others, one that is worth mentioning would be the incorporation of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660m in this model. The main benefit of having this feature can be seen from the high quality of graphics that can be seen from the games that will be played with the use of this laptop. Because of the clarity of the images that can be seen, you can double your playing performance. Additional, the integration of such feature does not only help in enhancing image quality, but also useful with regards to being able to enhance the battery life of the laptop.

In addition, it is also important to note that this gaming laptop is powered by Intel Core i7. For those who are familiar with technical specifications, it is known that this CPU has a low base clock speed but can perform fast, and can therefore prove to be more reliable, because of the huge Turbo mode.

This laptop has a size of 15.6 inches, which can be categorized as being medium range. Many people are more positive towards laptops with this size because the viewing area is just right, which means that it is not too large or too small. It gives them just the space that is needed. More so, the laptop weighs 3.8 kilos, which is often a cause of concern because it is quite heavy compared to the average.

In sum, if you have a tight budget and you do not mind buying a gaming laptop that is not necessarily the best in the market, but has been rated as being an already acceptable option based on various Asus G55VW-ES71 customer reports, this model can be taken into consideration.