Asus ML228H -LED monitor reviews


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Asus ML228H -LED monitor reviews

Today, millions of peoples around the world are gamers, professionals or amateurs. Seen as a great way to relax and experience a good time, gaming needs certain “tools” in order to enhance the pleasure and also skill set during the game play time. One of the most important components linked to the quality of the gaming period is the monitor and its capacity to offer clear and detailed images. This is the reason Asus created the ML228H LED monitor, specially designed to help gamers see better the environments as the action evolves from one level to another. A growing number of the current Asus ML228H LED monitor reviews, coming from thousands of satisfied users and specialists, underline the innovative design and solid structure of the model. The ML228H LED monitor features the Asus LED backlight technology offering stunning and clear images.

With a 21.5-inch display, the Asus ML228H full high definition monitor has a sleek, modern and ultra slim design that brings a touch of elegance to your desk. You should know that this gaming monitor emits low levels of CO2 and saves by up to 55% more energy than other products in its category. Furthermore with full 1080p HD resolution and a 10.000.000:1 Asus Smart contrast ratio, you will see brighter and clearer pictures.

Most of the present Asus ML228H LED monitor customer reports underline the presence of the Asus Trace Free technology that reduces the image response time to 2ms while eliminating ghosting for a smooth motion pattern. The model also comes with Asus Splendid Video Intelligence that allows the user to select the proper setting, from gaming to movie optimal context. The ML228H LED monitor comes with the accurate Asus Smart contrast ration technology that optimizes automatically the backlight brightness for onscreen images while also boosting the contrast ration thus allowing the viewer to enjoy realistic images. Without a doubt and as so many people have reported back, Asus ML228H monitor is one of the best from the ones available on the market.

One particular feature that seems to delight the users, described in most of the current Asus ML228H LED monitor customer reports is the LED touch-sensitive buttons that create a better access to picture adjustments and also pre-set visual settings. Combining efficiency with functionality, this model from Asus represents one of the best options for gamers.