How to find the best monitor form Asus


Upgrade your desk with a high quality monitor from Asus!

Any home or office desk needs to be completed by a professional monitor, designed to enhance the daily visual experience. As more and more Americans are used to high quality in most of the aspects of their life, the presence of an advanced LED monitor, connected to your PC in order to make games, movies, TV-shows and program development look better than ever. Well, finding the best monitor for your desk starts by consulting some of the current LED monitor reviews, reliable sources of information that can stir you towards the right model, suited to your daily needs. Today, and for good reason, millions of Americans put their trust in Asus monitors because they reunite high quality visual features, all in modern designed that impress the eyes. So, if you are searching for a professional 27 inch Asus monitor that will place you in a world of vibrant, rich and colourful pictures then you should consider learning more things about Asus PB278Q.

As they say, when it comes to Asus products precision is present at every turn. The first you need to know about Asus PB278Q is that it comes with 4 x pixel resolution of HD, bringing to light 2560 by 2440 Wide Quad High Definition! What does that mean for your daily visual experience? It’s pretty simple: this 27 inch Asus monitor helps you enjoy stunning visual definition whenever you play games, watch movies or videos. Furthermore the PLS panel permits you to see pristine quality images with a 178-degree viewing angle, thus enhancing the regular visual pleasure. In addition, Asus PB278Q includes 100% reproduction in sRGB color space and also Asus QuickFit that allows you to precisely design graphics with great color accuracy.


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And that’s not all…

The most recent LED monitor reviews pointed out that the model comes with special display connectivity ports for enhanced WQHD visual experience: HDMI 1.4, Dual-Link DVI ports and also DisplayPort 1.2. This 27 inch Asus monitor has built in 2 3-watt speakers which add a touch of audio clarity to the existing visual one. Furthermore in order to make the viewing experience complete, you can tilt, swivel and pivot the monitor thus always keeping it in accordance to your preferences. Asus PB278Q has a 80.000.000:1 Smart contrast ratio that precisely adjusts the dynamic between black and white during all the moments of videos or game progress, ensuring you will see quality pictures. One last thing concerning enhanced visual options: the model includes Asus Video Intelligence technology that safely optimizes color and delivers realistic images, with depth fidelity and the correct sharpness input.

One thing is certain; you won’t regret investing in such a high quality pc monitor! The visual and audio quality it maintains, makes this LED monitor from Asus a superb addition to your computing life.


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