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Aurora AS420C reviewsLooking for a paper shredder that is intended for light use will surely be easier by the time you have finished reading this Aurora AS420C review, as it will provide you with an idea on the different things that can be expected in this product. It is important to take note that this product is not designed for heavy use, like the shredders that can be often seen in offices. This is more of made for personal use.

Because it is designed for personal use, many of the Aurora AS420C customer reports published in the past have revealed that the users of this product have found a high level of satisfaction on being lightweight and portable. This has given them the opportunity to transfer the shredder to any other place that they would want to use such.

In addition, another thing that has been liked by many of its users is the fact even if it is small, it delivers quite a powerful performance. This is basically because of its ability to shred even paper clips and cards, and not just papers.

Having a see-through bin is also an advantage of this model. This has given its users the opportunity to monitor the contents of the shredder. It becomes easier to know if it is already about time to empty the bin.

Another important benefit of using this specific model of shredder is its price. While there are many other models of shredders in the market, many of them are quite expensive. With this specific model, you no longer have to suffer from having to pay a high price for such product. In fact, since it is cheap, you might not even think twice before having it purchased.

However, to help you reach a well-informed decision, this Aurora AS420C review is also directed towards being able to give you insights on some of the complaints from its users. For instance, one of the moist common would be the fact that since the unit is small, there is a need to fold the paper before it can be shredded. In addition, another thing that has not been liked by people who have already used such is the absence of security features. These features are important, especially if there are children all over the house. The absence of safety features would mean having to ability to safeguard children from accidental shredding.

Another cause of complaint from its users is that it does not have the ability to shred mails that are unopened. You still need to open the mail first and have the paper folded before it can be shredded. This can prove to be very tiresome for many users, especially for those who get a bunch of junk mails and who would want them to be shredded right away.

If you are looking for an inexpensive shredder that delivers basic functionalities, this can prove to be a good option. However, if you have extensive needs and you have higher budget to spare, you can consider buying those from the higher end of the market. To know more about its features, you can consult with various Aurora AS420C customer reports to end up with a well-informed decision before settling with a final choice.