BaBylissPro BAB2000 Ceramix Xtreme dryer reviews


BaBylissPro BAB2000 customer reports


BaBylissPro BAB2000 reviews

Drying and the setting of hair is a concern for many women and most of the hair dryers available in the market do not satisfy the women who want the maximum drying in order to leave the hair without any frizz. ThisBaBylissPro BAB2000 review is about a dryer which will surely help end the search for those women who want more drying power in their hairdryer. The price provided by this dryer is also very reasonable to the features it possess.

The amazing drying power that the  BaBylissPro BAB2000  Professional Ceramic Xtreme  Watt Hair Dryer is great and has the customers and the reviewers talking about the many great features of this product such as the fast drying, quiet in use and the astounding ability to achieve that much needed feel of frizz-free hair. However some may complain of the weight of the BaBylissPro BAB2000 which is much more to pick up without the comfort. The most prominent quality in this hairdryer is definitely the amazing speed that this dryer provides –drying even the thickest of the hair very fast in a time that is almost 50% less than that consumed by drying the hair with the other hair dryers available in the market. It also leaves the hair looking healthy which is a good attraction for the customers.

The downside of the BaBylissPro BAB2000 as provided in this BaBylissPro BAB2000 review may be the weight of this hair dyer and the odd location of the controls that are provided on these hair dryers. The odd location of the control buttons make the hair dryer control hard for the users, however there is a positive reaction to the quality that the BaBylissPro BAB2000  provides to the users making the drying an easy job.

The power of the BaBylissPro BAB2000 Professional Ceramic Xtreme Watt Hair Dryer is much more than the other hair dryers that are available in this price range . this hair dryer provides with thw 2000 watts-while the other dryers that are available in this price offer only 1875 watts. Hence, it is making the BaBylissPro BAB2000 a high-end technology dyer in the price of the down-market cost.

Features of the BaBylissPro BAB2000 :

  • Ceramic heating technology for the even heat
  • It has the six speed/heat setting combinations
  • There is also a cold shot button to achieve more control in drying
  • It also has a concentrator for the ease of use and has the nine-foot cord


The BaBylissPro BAB2000 customer reports show that the professional feature that the hair dryer provides like the higher wattage, longer cords make it a good buy for the users even if it is a little heavy to hold.