Baracuda MX 8 reviews

Baracuda MX 8 customer reports


Baracuda MX 8 reviewsThis Baracuda MX 8 review is about a new cleaner that is available in the market. The modification in this cleaner of Baracuda is that they have added a suction meter that will inform you the measure of the suction of the system before you plug it in. the problem with the cleaner is that if it sucks too much. The hose of the cleaner is made up of multiple small sections and have a quick connect system. There are several adapters that come with the different sized inlets and it even has a skimmer. The suction meter connects at the end of the hose and gives you the liberty of adjusting the valves to achieve the recommended 3 setting. The cleaner cleans the pool very efficiently removing even the dirt and leaves that may be lying in the bottom of the pool.

The Baracuda MX 8 review gives the information that there are 2 circular scrubbers under the cleaner that stirs up the sediment or the leaves that may be deposited on the bottom of the pool.

There are many positive features in this Baracuda MX 8 cleaner which are given below in this review:

The performance of this cleaner is excellent and it gives you one of the best cleaning requiring minimal assistance in cleaning from your side. The cleaner can also clean very well even in the tightest of the edges cleaning the corners of your pool efficiently. There are two scrubbers below the cleaner hence stirring up the sediments and leaves in the bottom which settles down, resulting in the pool being cleaned thoroughly. It does not stop working even when the dirt builds up inside the cleaner. There is a suction meter to wear telling you how much suction is being used.  The design of this cleaner is so unique and sophisticated that it rivals with that of the other pool cleaners available in the markets. There are replacement parts available in the markets for the pool cleaner.

The negative points in this Baracuda MX 8 cleaner would be that it does not automatically climb on the walls of the pool. The other point would be that it does not ensure that the long hose will have a long durability, as the hose design is not been designed keeping in mind the suction losses.

The Baracuda MX 8 customer reports show that it has received a good response from the customers building a good reputation by the quality of the in-depth cleaning it provided to the pool and the most reasonable of the price that is available of the pool cleaner in the market.

The bottom line is that it is a good cleaner for the budget conscious and the people who need value while spending the money.