Most Reliable Surge Protector from Belkin


1. Belkin BP112230 08Benefits

As stated in the Belkin BP112230-08 surge protector reviews you have the advantage of the included warranties.

This surge protector is designed to be convenient to use and provide enough space for larger electronic devices.

Often considered the best surge protector from Belkin you will appreciate its durable construction and slim design.

Everything you need to keep cables organized and conveniently out of the way is included with this surge protector.



It should be mentioned that this model does not include a circuit breaker, but this is generally only necessary if you are trying to protect expensive audio/visual equipment.


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Benefits Explained

  • There are several reasons why this is considered the best 12 outlet surge protector that include its affordable price and lifetime warranties. The surge protector is priced to fit almost any budget, and with 12 available outlets it is easy to plug in all your devices. You also have the advantage of the included warranties that cover the surge protector and up to $300,000 of connected equipment.

2. Belkin BP112230 08

  • This surge protector is designed to be easy and convenient to use. There are 12 outlets that will accommodate printers, faxes, PCs, and almost any other electronic device that is sensitive to any surges in power, and you will appreciate having plenty of space to connect larger plugs. There are 8 outlets on the sides that pivot to make it easier to connect AC adapters, and the 4 stationary plugs in the center are perfect for smaller devices. It also includes inputs for coaxial lines so you can protect telephones and fax machines.


  • You will appreciate the slim design that fits easily out of the way in smaller spaces, but still has plenty of room to connect all of your electronic devices. The 14 gauge power cord is designed to prevent the wires from bending or breaking, and measures 8 feet in length so you can plug it in almost anywhere. It is compatible with most home outlets, and it also features a 4320 joule energy rating that will give your sensitive electronics maximum protection against power surges.


  • One of the advantages of this surge protector is its slim and sleek design that will help you keep all of the cables organized. The 8 foot power cord is connected to a right angle outlet so it can run along the side of the wall, and you will also appreciate the detachable clip. This clip will keep all of the cords neatly organized and under control, so you can still have a neat and clutter free workspace.


This surge protector is convenient to use, and features a unique design that won’t clutter up your workspace. It can accommodate larger AC adapters without any problems, and you will appreciate the 8 plugs that pivot for easy access. It is designed to protect your sensitive electronics from power surges that can also destroy important data, and the two included warranties will give you additional peace of mind.


Buy from Amazon for ($26.93)