Top Rated Surge Protector from Belkin BV112230-08


2.Belkin BV112230-08 Surge ProtectorBenefits

According to the Belkin BV112230-08 surge protector reviews it is capable of protecting all of your entertainment devices.

This top rated surge protector from Belkin features a space saving design that won’t get in your way.

You will appreciate its ability to protect your expensive electronic devices, without interfering with the picture quality or sound.

Its versatile design and ability to protect a wide range of devices makes this one of the best 6-outlet surge protectors.



It should be noted that this surge protector is capable of protecting your valuable entertainment equipment it does not include a reset button which may make a difference in its ability to adequately protect your devices.


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Benefits Explained

  • This surge protector features a 4000 joule energy rating which is more than enough to protect your valuable electronic devices. There are 12 three prong outlets that can accommodate computers, televisions, stereos, and even expensive amps and midi controllers. It can also protect your satellite and video game systems in the event of a power surge.

3.Belkin BV112230-08 Surge Protector

  • You will appreciate its low profile design that plugs easily into any 120v outlet, and the thick 8 foot power cord has just enough weight to keep the surge protector firmly in place. The long power cord also gives you plenty of length to place the surge protector out of the way, and since it sits lower to the ground it can be easily concealed behind the rest of your equipment. The 12 plugs also make it easier for you to keep the various cords for your devices organized and in one place.


  • One of the main advantages of this surge protector is its ability to protect your expensive electronics without interfering with picture quality or sound. It will reduce any potentially damaging interference in the power line, along with blocking dangerous fluctuations in the voltage. This helps to ensure that your equipment is also protected, and with a 4000 joule rating you can still enjoy high definition audio and visual.


  • Not only do you have the advantage of the 12 three prong outlets that can accommodate most electronic devices, but it also features an output that will let you connect a phone and fax machine. The plugs are spaced far enough apart that you can easily connect bulky adapters, and still have plenty of room for the rest of your devices. As an added bonus you also have an in and output that will protect your cable model or satellite system.


This 12 prong surge protector is designed to protect all of your expensive electronics from any damaging power surges. It features a 4000 joule rating, and has plenty of plugs and inputs so you can protect everything from your satellite and gaming systems to your home computer and entertainment devices. Its low profile design makes it easy to place out of the way, and you will also appreciate the 8′ power cord. Convenient and affordable, this might be the best way for you to protect your expensive electronic devices.


Buy from Amazon for ($31.4)