Highest Rated Surge Protector from Belkin


1. Belkin SurgeMaster f9h620-cwBenefits

As stated in the Belkin SurgeMaster f9h620-cw surge protector reviews you have the advantage of the included warranties.

You will appreciate being able to connect up to 6 devices knowing that each one is protected from damage due to electrical power surges.

Convenient and easy to use, it’s not hard to see why this is the best surge protector from Belkin.

Not only can this surge protector help keep your electronic devices safe, it also includes convenient extra plugs for a phone or fax line.



It should be noted that will this is considered the best 6-outlet surge protector the sockets are placed to close together for you to connect the same number of adapters.


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Benefits Explained

  • This convenient surge protector is designed to prevent damage to your valuable electronic devices in the event of a power surge, which generally happens when there is an interruption in your electrical service. Not only is this convenient power strip affordably priced, it also includes a lifetime warranty. You also have the added benefit of the included $50,000 guarantee on any device that is damaged while being plugged into this surge protector.

2. Belkin SurgeMaster f9h620-cw

  • Featuring 6 plugs you can easily connect laptops, home security cameras, tablets, and even small appliances, without the devices losing any power or performance. You can even plug in an air condition that uses 3 lines. It features a rating of 1045 Joules and can protect from spikes up to 45,000 amps, so you can rest assured your electronic devices will be safe from almost any power surge.


  • One of the reasons this model is so popular is its convenient design. Unlike traditional power strips this surge protector simply plugs directly into the wall so you don’t have to deal with an additional electric cord. It is compatible with most home 120V outlets, and you will also appreciated the bright LED lights that assure you your electronics are properly plugged in and protected from damaging power surges.


  • There are 6 outlets that are compatible with a variety of 3 pronged plugs, including electronic devices, appliances, and even small air conditioners. It also features a convenient splinter for a phone or fax line, which can be a life saver if you are trying to conduct business from home. This surge protector will also help filter out interference up to 43 dB so you can clearly hear all of your calls, even after a large power surge.



This surge protector is perfect for almost any home, and can be vital in preventing damage to your important electronic devices. It conveniently plugs directly into your wall outlet so you don’t have to deal with another power cord, and you will appreciate the bright LED lights that assure you that the devices are protected. The line splitter makes it easy to connect your phone or fax, and you will also feel better knowing that you have the benefit of the 2 included warranties.


Buy from Amazon for ($11.49)